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  1. when the 2ac is 100% wasting time on D.a.'s the neg ran and Kritiques and whatever his/her education is being taken away, its the same argument that new in the 2nc is. Also it hurts in depth education because you debate two affs without possibilty of learning either advocacy with no possibilty of learning about the d.a.'s or k's they ran. It means that nobady learns how to debate neg just aff against aff
  2. You need to win 3 things! 1.In round education loss, point out a D.A. or K they dropped or didn't spend a lot of time in the 2nr on. Make sure you have blocks to "but we learned about the CP 2. It hurt analytical thinking and quick decision making (say that’s why we debate to learn about the topic and these skills) because they didn’t have the choice to go for different args 3. Not fair to the 2ac because he/she spent all this time arguing D.A.'s and or k's but you didn't go for them because you couldn't go for it. this is a 100% chance waste of his/her speech which damages her ability be a part of the debate
  3. I have won on unconditionally Bad Twice! One of those was a break round of a national tournament. I made the argument that unconditionally prevents us from learning about all the D.A.’s or Kritiques they ran in depth!
  4. There is such thing as bad theory, if its bull shit it bad, if i ran theory that the aff needs to debate upside down, thats bad
  5. What are the best tournaments? -for novices -for J.V. -Varsity - in each state - most fun
  6. What is the biggest load of crap theory or k you have been hit with? (did you loose to it?)
  7. Danm right its the 2n! It is the only position that the debater really wins by themself! The 2a relies on the 1ar, the 2n can and usually goes for his/her args from the 2nc -Go to Great Lakes Elite thread if from the area
  8. What teams, Debaters, and Indviduals are the best Debaters in the Great Lakes? (Novice, J.V., and Varsity)
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    How do i make a forum or thread???
  10. All: Groves Novice: H.H. dow J.V : Okemos Varsity: Okemos
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