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  1. why thank u christos, i do love my reasonability
  2. Dude, this of everything that foucault says is biopower and say its good FOr example: Heg Good = impact turn to biopower Doctors good Democracy Good
  3. what if your counterplanning one advantage but they use anohter arg. to kick the advantage BUT they either straight turned the cp or its unconditonal? do u have to go for it?
  4. there was this file put out at wyoming called the GOD KRITIK and it also has an argument called mspec in it.... i dont need to hear how dumb an argument it is, i know i just need it...for a card for my new K aff DOES ANYBODY IN THE WORLD HAVE IT!!!!!
  5. I dont have any good americorps strats what do u guys run or what have u haerd other people run against americorps affs?
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