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  1. She is extremely helpful and worth hiring. I'd highly recommend her.
  2. We need one. Email for details: tobyjacob@msn.com
  3. Napoleon dynamite = not me. Hot pic of us though.
  4. Hahaha, this is true. We'll hopefully be at state quals though.
  5. Awesome, thanks. Since when did DSA have a policy team?
  6. Anyone know what schools are in what state quals districts?
  7. Littleton Jacob/Merrick + some other kids
  8. We need that kind of judge showing for more tournies. When's Blazing Sun? Team India+ will be there.
  9. Ideally we're looking for someone near Berkeley who can judge, coach, and cut cards but primarily we need someone who can cover our judging requirements. Email me for specifics regarding transportation and housing. Payment will be around $120-$150 for 6 rounds, depending on coaching/ev cutting. tobyjacob@msn.com thanks.
  10. topicaldebator


    Finals: Roho d. Ashland
  11. Judge needed for the Lexington Invitational, January 15-18. Email at tobyjacob@msn.com
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