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  1. when i went i found it cheaper to buy food from safeway/eat out than to buy the meal plan
  2. I think ATP is definitively a better starting point than AO for a million different reasons
  3. this article is obviously terrible, as was that rostrum article, nothing to see here
  4. sure, i mean, some of the intricacies of religion are also lost in that d&g card. but the importance of univocity in deleuze as of difference & repetition should not be understated. this, imo, is one of the relatively few valid points that zizek identifies in OWB there is a chapter in the RO reader called "the perversity of rationalism" or something to that effect by milbank which goes into a bit more detail I think (I haven't read it)
  5. ok this arg imo is one of the best answers to deleuze -- the RO people generally are the most in-depth critics of duns-scotus derived philosophy that ive ever seen
  6. yup that is the arg w/o transcendence (god's grace) there is no significant difference between any ontic event or item
  7. 'revelationism' would be a pretty good container, yeah. I think this is fairly apparent in most of those cards
  8. actually god isnt real isn't really responsive. a responsive arg would be "assuming/acting as if god is real is bad". additionally, the evidence here is much more useful against authors like derrida, in which case the aff would not be extremely consistent with "god isnt real" [kinda the point of the strategy] i cut these cards during lunchtime like two years ago and never thought about them again... but milbank is *most certainly* not a rationalist in any sense of the term. i think you are right that this card doesn't really say anything helpful though edit: actually, I take that back. this card probably should just be merged with the one above it but certainly makes a card-worthy argument against rationalism/philosophies of pure reason, which definitely isn't the use of reason generally, but still indicts many strands of contemporary philosophy
  9. pretty simple human life is meaningless if we are not redeemed by Christ I cut some cards on this a while ago that never turned into anything Milbank K.docx
  10. wilderson has a specific answer to seshadri-crooks iirc -- near the end of red white and black if zizek then http://www.publicseminar.org/2014/11/notes-on-zizeks-absolute-recoil-2/#.VHujZcl5Uqx
  11. post about this in one of the college fb groups, you will get a 1000x more helpful response
  12. google "governmentality" don't get me wrong, this isn't a slam-dunk link, but I think it's a lot more interesting than the basic "NSA surveillance = bioptx" arg care of the self =/= liberal autonomy
  13. that's a very literalist reading of early foucault but much of the libertarian politics undergirding the contemporary anti-surveillance movement is predicated expressly on a preference for individual autonomy and self-government that later foucault indicts
  14. for what it's worth, nietzsche was most definitely an anti-humanist and, in his own way, kinda desired the "extinction of the human race," but not in the sense that we usually use that phrase
  15. kinda depends first of all, increasingly "OOO" doesn't mean anything... harman and bogost are probably the two people who best fit under that umbrella, but bryant has been kinda moving away from harman (towards his own kinda platonist reading of deleuze) anyway, harman's biggest influence was definitely heidegger, and while he also draws a lot from latour (who is clearly influenced by deleuze) he disagrees pretty strongly with the most deleuzian parts of latour. generally speaking, harman is much more interested in the phenomenological tradition than in the more recent wave of french post-structuralists. here's a quote from bryant that identifies the main distinction between OOO people and deleuze "Graham’s critique of the virtual is distinct from his critique of the potential. When Graham critiques the concept of the virtual he is responding to the Deleuzian concept of the virtual where, at the virtual level, all of being is one and it is then subsequently divided up into individuals and processes of actualization. While I’m certainly deeply influenced by Deleuze, I don’t advocate this conception of the virtual. For me, individuals precede the virtual such that there is no “one-all” that is then divided up. In my view, the virtual is strictly a dimension of objects. Rocks have their own virtuality, I have my own virtuality, you have your own virtuality, etc. Graham, I think, has fewer objections to this conception of the virtual, but it seems we still disagree on the potential. I like the potential and don’t think it entails that qualities have to already be ready-made in objects (I don’t think actualized qualities need have any resemblance to virtual potentials, and can be genuine creations in the world). Graham insists that objects are fully actual and fully deployed. I argue that objects are always filled with all sorts of potentials. They’re concrete without being fully actual."
  16. Okay, I am actually going to seriously respond to a post on this website for once Check out the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington. It's a small team with plenty of travel opportunities for motivated folks who don't come from high-profile/national circuit backgrounds. UPS was the first seed at D2 districts this year, going 6-0 with several wins over some fairly high-ranked teams -- and pushing the envelope into some areas of scholarship that have gone largely untouched by other debaters. I can provide a lot more info if you're interested. This is some of what we've done this year: http://opencaselist.paperlessdebate.com/Puget+Sound/Brittenham-Queirolo+Aff http://opencaselist.paperlessdebate.com/Puget+Sound/Brittenham-Queirolo+Neg UPS has about 2,000 students, the campus is gorgeous, the classes are small and offer a lot of opportunities for high-level intellectual discussions with professors and other students. Also, Tacoma is awesome. http://www.pugetsound.edu/academics/departments-and-programs/undergraduate/communication-studies/forensics/ http://www.pugetsound.edu/about/campus-the-northwest/ http://www.pugetsound.edu/community/
  17. nah it used to take a while (ie a couple weeks) and people would get impatient and complain, but the current operator of the site has definitively not paid a cent to anyone since november or so [and had been taking longer than normal to pay before that as well] edit - im pretty sure they also haven't logged in for a long time so threatening to troll or w/e will probably go unnoticed bc they dont seem to care about the site
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