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  1. nah just for personal amusement...i could care less what happens to the debate community. also never said i hated the community =)
  2. The more and more I think about this whole incident from a perspective of someone outside the debate community I find the entire incident both hillarious and ridiculous. How arrogant is the debate community to feel that a high profile private intellegence firm actually gives a fuck enough to forge a peice of intellegence in order for some college kids to win a tournament. This entire thing highlights a serious flaw with the debate community: highly inflated self importance. I find is amusing that so many debaters participate in what can almost be described as "groupthink" in the sense that they believe debate somehow has political significance outside of the debate community. It is also rather funny that the debate communities initial reaction was to threaten Friedman, claiming that they would tarnish his reputation in DC and telling him that he would cause the next pearl harbor. Friedman put it well when he stated: "The idea that college debaters constitute a uniquely significant constituency that must be taken more seriously than others is funny. I am 56 years old and have spent many years in DC and have never once heard a reference to college debaters as an important group. Apart form being insulting in tone and content, he was hilarious in demanding unique attention because of his position in debating. I had never heard of this debating meet, no one I knew had the slightest awareness of it and the idea that we had somehow developed our article to influence the meet (or whatever the writer was babbling about) was not just insulting, but silly. " A couple other worthwhile quotes "I have been challenged by several governments and threatened by a significant number of non-governmental organizations--some violent--in the nearly ten years of my business. Those were major problems. College debating coaches are not. It is not that as a human being you are insignificant. Far from it. However, that being involved in college debating somehow raises you beyond the normal run of mankind, certainly reduces your in importance in my mind. It is simply too pompous to tolerate. Like hang gliding, basketball and helping the poor, college debating is worthwhile activity and those engaged in it (as I was so long ago) should be commended. But you guys are taking yourself much too seriously." I think Friedman got it right when he said "he should get a life--get a date, get drunk, rob a gas station. In other words, get a life and stop taking yourself so seriously. You are just not that important no matter what your parents told you. " People take debate way to seriously.
  3. yeah...because private actor fiat has always been legit
  4. no u guys r all wrong. heidegerr says that problems and solutions are part of the problem. the solution is that we reject the problem/solution mindset.
  5. wow helping people is rooted in the problem/solution mindset in the first place..u guys need to read up on heidugerr before u try to talk about some of this bec he knows and talk alot about africa
  6. no but das like exclude voices of the oppressed and make debate more opressive.
  7. The neg can do wutever isnt offensive just like run args that engage me and we can talka bout micropolitics and suffering or something. just like runnign das just limits out real world change and discussions.
  8. Obviously you never run Kritiks and you hate them. You clearly are just limiting me out of debate and i can never win if you say that change isnt possible dont be so nihilist and give hope a chance. Telling me I bite biopower? ya rite... telling me that a forum isnt a good place to cause local change IS BIOWPOWER
  9. dude industrializing darfur may be in the top 10 worst ideas ever.
  10. I find that disads truly and deeply offened me. I think that there are, like, so many other important issues to discuss and that we need to like focus on fighting like real oppression and discurive violence that takes place every day and debate. Why is someone so closed minded that they cant talk about real problems taht we face evweryday. I think its biopolitical and offensive when poeple read DAs espec against my narrative aff... its really personal 4 me.
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