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  1. it was a good round...just its hard 2 beat the truth
  2. I don't remember exactly but I think the fellows voted 10-1, I could be wrong its been a good 2 and a half weeks
  3. repko likes 2 take time and think the decision out from every aspect...every...
  4. no no no that was bushmeat in congo basin...this is a new 1 im actually here and its a new aff
  5. greenhill rr just broke a global warming leadership and deforestation in the congo basin aff
  6. Gulliver Prep MM isn't going
  7. wat did elims look like
  9. for those of u who think the hege debate (either hege good or hege bad) is just about getting a bunch of cards and walking into a round u couldnt be more wrong the hege debate is probably the most simple most structured debates that has developed over the last couple of years...if u do just run the arg with a pile of cards ull get smacked on teh impact turn debate the first thing that you need is to know the evidence and very well while having alot of good evidence is needed a person who gets up and reads kagan '7 card and just has all the arguments from that card could win a hege good the other big part of the hege debate is structure... a big hege team wants to always be the most structured team on hege the core issues are usually (in order from most important to least) 1) uniquenss 2) alternative 3) the impacts most people focus to much on the impacts even though they are the least important... 1) uniquenss--this is basically hege decline inevitable/not inev, or hege sustainable/unsustainable...if u win the uniqueness debate the other teams impacts become inevitable meaning you only look to yours 2) alternative--a hege good debater needs to know (or create in round) what the alternative is to us unipolarity/hegemony...whether its chinese hegemony, multipolarity (i.e. offshore balancing, big three, ect), isolationism, selective engagement, apolarity. this is because alot of good hege bad debaters will try to spike out of ur hege good arguments by having a wierd alt 2 hege that solves ur arguments. ur impacts have to directly answer there alternative to hege a hege good debater needs to win that there alternative to hege isnt necessarily good just taht its inevitable and better than us hege 3) impacts--self explanitory...the most powerful type of impacts are the short term ones (i.e. transition wars) rather than the long term impacts (i.e. great power wars, econ, thayer, khalilzad) because if u loose uniqueness but win ur short term impacts outwiegh there long term impacts than you can still win teh debate
  10. scotty2shoes

    CAMP 2008

    y would u remind us its heart breaking
  11. i just wanna throw this out there...its a little rasist but at least u paraphrased it 2 make it not sexist...woo
  12. yea if anyone finds a full version of it hit me up
  13. paul i had 2 fix some things Best judge: Sharris Best coach: Leah Moczulski Best overall squad: Gulliver Prep Best overall team: Gulliver Prep MM Best team as the affirmative: Gulliver Prep MM Best team as the negative: Gulliver Prep MM Best critical debater:Chris Zhang Best straight-up policy debater: Jordan Moliver Most persuasive speaker: Blake Barnett Fastest debater: Scott Moliver Best T debater: Jordan Moliver Best 2AR: Jordan Moliver Best 1AR: Scott Moliver Best 2NR: Jordan Moliver Best debater overall: Jordan Moliver Nicest team: Holy Names VV Nicest debater: Carolyn Funniest debater: Steven Rowe...dude sorry but Alex Ades might win here Most fun debater to judge/watch: Mercer Island DK (who else raps) Rookie team of the year: Mercer Island DP Most underrated team: Ashland Most underrated debater: Steven Rowe Most persistent team: Gulliver Prep MM Most persistent debater: Jordan Moliver Most improved debater: Steven Rowe Most improved team:Ashland Longest 1AC of the year: Gulliver Prep MM Best in-round event/moment: Burshteyn, and yes he is a moment Freshman to look out for: MATT DECOSTE, or Paco Toledo and a few that were missing Farthest traveling PNW team:Gulliver Prep Brownest PNW team: Sacramento Jesuit Most inspirational: Leah Moczulski
  14. did tampa prep bid??? also acosta send out the outlines...and wen u do send out the positive peace version u guys ran of landmines along with the debt and water aff u guys have run in teh past...gracias
  15. its hard not 2 hate layne...hes just so...layne
  16. yo pinecrest at mba ran some pharma bad aff did/can u get the cites 2 that
  17. see the thing is acosta u cant find a joke about gulliver since u graduated
  18. in stead of cross-xing send him ur outline
  19. the man has a good point...gulliver and berkley prep are out classing u all...wow thats a little sad...but i think we all saw it comming...
  20. ditto smalliver@gmail.com
  21. yo acosta hows the casebook commin...can u email me it wen ur finished smalliver@gmail.com
  22. the third gulliver team is Dana Snay/Abinav Totapally (KILLED THE SPELLING)
  23. wow any1 c anything different over the past year...lol
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