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  1. Having recently discovered this Forum in an attempt to learn more about teaching opportunities in Speech / Debate in Utah, I would like to pose the following question in the form of a parlimentary debate resolution: Resolved: Debate in Utah is on the decline. The State of Utah's High School forensic community has produced some very talented individuals who have made an impact on the both the national and collegiate scene. For example, John Brushke,Chris Lundberg, and Matt Stannard have gone on to acheive success as both competitors and coaches in NDT debate. However, their respective High Schools, Brighton and West Jordan, have not had competitive debate teams in over 10 years. Granted, there are still highly successful schools i.e Bingham, Highland, West and RHSM (among others), but, let's face it, if two or three coaches decided to quit or retire, Debate in Utah would have a tough time scraping together a competitive in-State tournament. So, to be better informed of the state of your State, affirm or negate the resolution....
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