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  1. if possible i would love to get in and i wouldn't mind being the last person in
  2. why yes i have... it's called doing great digging for links for the disads
  3. I'm from Kansas and our season is over, but i'll give you like specific strategies. For Afghanistan i ran 3 disads - India Relations DA, Heg, and also Politics Turkey - Iran Proliferation DA (pretty good because it turns a advantage to most cases) Reverse Spending - Space, and also Politics and XO w. prez powers Kuwait - Oil Disad, Indian Relations, Deterrence, Appeasement, Politics Iraq - Oil Disad, Troops Spillover DA, Indian Relations S. Korea - Deterrence (Turns Case), Appeasement, Troops Spillover, Politics, China Aggression Japan - Senkaku Islands, Guam Shift (good with lay judges), Japan Econ, Politics, Appeasement or Heg This just gives you rather a good idea on what you can run and helps you get a good strat to what to go for after the block. If you need any of these just email me at Dylanjc93@aol.com i have them home cut with good specific links. Good luck on your season!
  4. Name: Dylan Clark High School: Sumner Academy of Arts and Sciences College: UMKC Major (planned): Business Administration & Economics with a minor in political science Debating:Yes
  5. This year in Kansas like usual of course we've beenb playing around with lay judges all year and a couple flow judges, but I was wondering what is the most effective disad for lay judges that you guys run? and some disad ideas that you guys have cut yourself that the camps didn't?
  6. What is the best aff out as of right now?
  7. Is anyone interested in helping cut this aff? BAckground: In afghanistan opium is obviously sold on the black market, which is worth about 4 billion dollars to Afghanistans GDP. The U.S. spends about 2.9 billion dollars annually in regularly and supplemental counternarcoticsforeign assistance and defense funding for programs designed to eradicate narcotics, largely opium. There are arguements from the Obama admin themselves that says that this is the most ineffective and wasteful program ever created. WHat could advantages be oof of this and who is in to cut it?
  8. DX Hutchinson - Sumner OO Villanueva - Sumner HI Johnson - Sumner DI Wright - Sumner Preston - Sumner Duo Banks/Coppage - Sumner
  9. D.Clark011


    How did everyone do?
  10. i did, and the camp was well run. The staff was elite. The labs are intense, fun, and enjoyable. The dorms are state of the art. The food is good enough besides breakfast...
  11. This plan text is an easy win on a pic.... with a spec arg... and a pic = win
  12. Does anybody have a team list like specific names for this???
  13. Hey guys we need to provide a judge or two for our EKL NFL qualifier. THe dates on this are December 11th and 12th, 2009 located at Shawnee Misson East High School. I am not sure if we could pay due to budget cuts, but if you are willing to judge for us that would be great. Just send me a message me or email me at Dylanjc93@aol.com. The schedule for the tournament is Friday, December 11, 2009 Round I--3:30 p.m. Round II--5:00 p.m. Round III--7:00 p.m. &nb sp; Saturday, December 12, 2009 Round IVâ8:30 a.m. round Vâ10:30 a.m. Round VIâ12:00 p.m. ; Round VIIâ2:00 p.m. Round VIIIâ4:00 p.m. ; Round IXâ6:00 p.m. &n bsp; Thank you, Dylan Clark
  14. Ok, so i have ran into a couple problems with this case. I usually end up losing debates on the thing that says we have a different reform rather than what your cards talk about? What are some good solvency cards for headstart? (sense i live in KAnsas i see lay judges most of the time and they always vote on solvency) Does anyone have some pretty good reform sucks '09 cards, because he 10 i cut they always don't apply to case? or do you have any links for the cards you cut? If not do you have any suggestions on what i could do?
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