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  1. Isn't it marvelous?

  2. We could have state in the toolshed in my backyard... then again that would be stupid. All right, serious time. The rumor going around that I am hearing most is that state will be on the 21st and 22nd (a week from monday and tuesday). But where it will be is still a question. Millbank is an option that I am hearing, but Brookings would also work because we could rent out a church. Haha... having a Congress session in a church. That's mixing church and state.
  3. All right, I've heard several stories having to do with when state will happen. Can someone please tell me whether it is on next thrusday and friday (the 17th and 18th) or on the following monday and tuesday (the 21st and 22nd)?
  4. This just in: State is cancelled. I think we're having it next Thursday and Friday.
  5. So Thompson and Trzaskoma are just so good that they placed twice?
  6. Edison


    i quite obviously used the "g" key when i said "goin'" c'mon kantack, you should realize these things
  7. my best was the tapdancing bee girl from blind melon's no rain music video
  8. Edison


    Who be goin' to the debatin' in Brookin's
  9. ...and not cross-fire
  10. Who be goin to Aberdeen this weekend?
  11. Edison


    The White House was much worse than the Thunderbird.
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