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    Table of Contents This file consists of 10 ready to use T shells for the military topic. They are good arguments in and of themselves, not just silly T arguments for blatantly nontopical affs. Selections include Substantially = Not a withdrawal, Military = Land Troops, and Resolved = Action of congress.


  2. Is the particular ocean that the man died in important? Was the killer's motive malicious? Was he just trying to lose weight? Does this relate to a particular historical incident?
  3. Version

    Table of Contents This file contains a shell for a United States is Brazil Topicality Argument. It also has extensions on why each of the individual standards and voters is good, as well as some arguments against common counter arguments. It includes an overview of the rebuttals and aff answers that will easily take care of this argument if you should run up against it. All of the briefs are written or modified to apply specifically to this argument rather than being generic.

    3.00 USD

  4. I think that you are in a good place as a judge in any case. Neither of the teams has much riding on the round and both will understand if they do lose. Whatever you feel like is a good reason to judge is, in this case, justified.
  5. On the peacekeeping rez, I ran a counterplan that basically said that the US was evil and therefore the entire nation should be shipped off to the moon rather than stay and try to help. It solved for everything but I wrote it before I understood CPs so a lot of the conventional method were thrown out the window. Sadly, in round I think that it went about 5-1.
  6. I've had it run against me but that was only because I ran 4 plans in the 1AC. It was a messy round....
  7. There is a trend there, however it is not absolute. Essentially your right hand is controlled by the left half of your brain and your left hand by your right. If you have a strong left brain, you are more likely to be right handed etc. The left brain is the part that controls logical thinking while your right brain controls creative thinking. This means that a strong left brain means a right handed person who is very logical. A right brained person is a lefty who is more creative. There are, however, exceptions.
  8. I believe that you misunderstand darwinian theory. This is simply saying that we should allow all infected humans to die to prevent spread of a disease. This, although somewhat similar to the theory of natural selection, is not actually what Darwin spoke about. AIDS is not passed down to young. This means that people can have children and they will still be healthy. Darwin wrote about organisms with desirable traits surviving and having children with those traits, thus creating generation after generation with more desirable traits than the last. The problem with your argument is that disease is outside of this realm because it is not passed down by parents. Another problem is that even in just allowing them to die, rather than killing them, they will still spread aids in their lifetime, that is the entire HIV/AIDS problem. Besides that I do not follow your logic. You are saying that preventing the spread of a disease prolongs the lives of the infected but this makes no sense. The people will still die when they die, the aff case just stops them from taking down others with them. This leads to a reason that it would be absurdly easy to perm the K. No matter how it was written the aff team could still prevent the disease from spreading while not prolonging the lives of the infected. Not to rain on your parade, but I just don't see how this could make a solid K.
  9. kyby1234

    Dehum Adv

    Dehumanization is worse than famine, war, and death. Monagu and Matson author and PhD / 1983 page. xi Title: The Dehumanization of Man It neither kills outright nor inflicts apparent physical harm, yet the extent of its destructive toll is already greater than that of any war, plague, famine or natural calamity on record- and its potential damage to the quality of human life and the fabric of civilized society is beyond calculation. For that reason this sickness of the soul might as well be called the "Fifth Horsemen of the Apocalypse." Its more conventional name, of course, is dehumanization.
  10. Wouldn't this only be strategically sound if you were running a CP that could eliminate the impact all together and capture the aff advantages? Would this be a good idea?
  11. I would also like this
  12. We lost on a spending DA, because the judge wouldn't buy our fear of death advantage (basically he was closed minded to the subject). Also, one of the negs was rediculously well read on zombies and was able to kill some of our time with analytics.
  13. I only ran it once......we lost....it was a hell of a lot of fun though
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