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  1. Just wondering, but I noticed some talk about an "oil floor tax" in Businessweek the other day and wondered if it could actually be feasible. A quote about it from the Christian Science Monitor: "An alternative would be for the government to set a floor price for oil and then tax the difference between that floor price and the actual price. If oil remains above the floor, there is no tax, but if oil prices drop below it, investors, entrepreneurs and inventors all will know that there will be a market for their products at the floor price. Revenue from the taxes can either be used to accelerate the development of new energy technologies or to offset other taxes." Could this be useful in any way?
  2. Mod edit up in hurr: Instead of making twenty-thousand threads about what GSPEC means, ask here in this thread what certain terms/acronym mean or how to pronounce certain names/etc. -------------- Just a quick question: What do "AT" and "A2" mean? I see it in a lot of the camp files, but I'm not really sure what they mean.... Many thanks!
  3. Eric_W.

    Water for the Poor

    Oh, you can disregard my previous post, svfrey. Didn't realize you had already answered my other post in the other thread...You're fast. Thanks for your help!
  4. Eric_W.

    Water for the Poor

    Thanks! That helped a lot, especially the link to the actual doc. Now I know what it actually is... Which camp put out an aff using Water for the Poor Act? Once again, thanks!
  5. I was wondering: Which camp files use the Water for the Poor Act for a Clean Water aff? I was looking through them, but there were too many files to download and my comp crashed temporarily...I'm not too eager to search them all again. Could you post the download link as well? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  6. As a newbie at debate, I'm still new at all this....What exactly is the Water for the Poor Act? Where can I find some good info on it and an example plan text that uses it? I've read many times that WFPA is the best way for Clean Water affs, but what exactly is it? My school just gets those **** Paradigm affs and doesn't really care about policy, so I have to try to make my own and use free camp affs.... Thanks!
  7. I'm just a clueless novice, so... What's a link claim? What's an impact claim? Thank you!
  8. My parents don't like debate either. They don't think it's going to help with anything, and they don't like politics in general. And my parents always use that "don't use your debate on me" card every time..... *sigh* My parents don't like any of the Model Congress, Model UN, policy debate, or Mock Trial things I do. oh well...
  9. Do you know which one of the camps put out the best and most useful topicality file for an affirmative? (Space Force) Thank you!
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