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  1. My name is Zane Waxman, I debated four years in HS, qualified to the TOC, and now am a freshman debating for Northwestern University. I can judge for tournaments around the Chicago area. Shoot me an email if you are interested. zanezorwaxman@gmail
  2. we do have a thread http://www.cross-x.com/vb/showthread.php?t=966394&page=27
  3. my guess is no maybe after the tournaments
  4. yes, today they took him off of sedatives for the next 72 hours, though, meaning he should be waking up soon. then they can further assess damage.
  5. it's out: www.illegalart.net
  6. I guess listeners of great musicians think alike, or some shit? Yea, I am deciding between Mirando and Shempi at the moment, but my pool of top 4 are Mirando, Shempi, Falcon Jab, Shiller. Im still a bit unsure of shiller, though. Edit: Shempi is my shit! Also, do you or does anybody know who the actual artist behind the fake Feed the Animals leak is, I have him/her in my iPod as Girl Talk Poser, but I actually thught the fake leak was pretty good, so I wanna give them more than "poser."
  7. LP3 by Ratatat is pretty good. I don't think it as an album is better than their other albums, though, still good.
  8. fuck your shit


    you are hella fucked in the head

  9. look

    I dont appreciate your negative use of words towards me, using the word fool is quite unessesary, although I understand fool means nothing extremely bad...I am aware that the search function exists


    SO Fuck off

  10. unless dalby wrote that book twice its from 2002 not that that changes much
  11. use the search function, fool this discussion has been had (even about SDI) many times
  12. policyballer

    Lane '85

    i think it's lang in 85. the genocide>omnicide card? if that's the one, it is somewhere on here, search LANG
  13. Colin Meloy from The Decemberists Manchester Orchestra has some good stuff truth
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