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  1. Thanks fellurs, I appreciate it =)
  2. Any cards other than Meade 92' supporting economic decline in the U.S. will lead to nuclear war would be awesome. I have plenty of stuff to trade, thanks guys.
  3. Kari Leveton, THE AMERICAN ENTERPRISE, April-May 2004, p. 57, INFOTRAC, Expanded Academic ASAP. Under a "Retired,--Not Tired" program, senior citizens could earn up to $3,000 per year, tax free. The money could go to pay for the volunteer's own health care or someone else's education. they also receive mileage reimbursements, not just these stipends its all about the links. I just added all these social security harms and economic fallouts, I wonder how it'll go next tourny.
  4. Alright, I argue intergenerational "covenant" can't be broken - civic engagement, ^'s democracy, democratic nations don't attack each other, no nukes. also, social security is killing economy, seniors who rely on it hurt the nation, they can use stipend money from senior corps to pay for thier own heath, not burdening medicaide and social security, no economic collapse, no nuclear war. but then again I am a novii and don't know wtf I'm doing. any help on my aff would be awesome.
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