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  1. the perm is not intrinisc, there is a huge body of literature to support the idea that china wants to co-operate on health issues. Additionally, all of the links you will read on teh china disad are predicated of plans that siphon away china's energy investments in africa. this is simply not the nature of the plan. Every relations disad that aff is on the side of truth. If china is only interested in resources, and the status quo is draining african economies and leading to wars (which make extracting resources harder) then somthing that would make end that (making resource extraction easier) would be seen as good. next. and the links to no assume PHA, this is clearly bullshit, show me a card that is not cut out of context that makes the arg that china would hate it if the US improved health in africa.
  2. you are fiating the object of the resolution, thats all it comes down to.
  3. uh not alot of fiat, just object fiat. clearly a bullshit counterplan, and additionally its probably not competitive. This is probably this most illegit CP short of "africans will stop having unsafe sex and transmitting diseases"
  4. this year a good one that i find funny" T: U must say SSA in teh plan text and the SSA PIC
  5. llevaz

    Realism Advantages

    maybe they are just pre-empting by saying realism is good in the 1ac and you are misunderstanding whats happening....thats the most likely explination
  6. make args on water wars that the evidence speaks of lack of water as a physical entity, and not the cleanliness of it
  7. its arguable normal means unless they say unconditional assistance in the plan text. and its theoretically illegitimate and there lots of reasons why its racist, ineffective, and counter productive.
  8. anyone know what christopher columbus high's record was?
  9. sorry...they way this was taken was not intended, PM if you want to talk about it or hit me on AIM. edgemont is def a good team, and i dont want to come off as talking shit out of my ass.
  10. somone care to explain why the fact the CP tries to solve nuke war doesnt solve structural violence, when it does the same thing as the case? why does motive matter at all?? also how does structural violence turn their impact?
  11. to not be text comp, the CP text must include all of the words in the plan func comp just means the plan, or the perm, is less disirable than the CP
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