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  1. Hiring Kiffin is slightly questionable but any staff with monte kiffin, orgeron, and chow has some serious potential to succeed with players the caliber that USC has on its roster as well as the guys those men can recruit. USC wont be down for long
  2. Hiring Kiffin is slightly questionable but any staff with monte kiffin, orgeron, and chow has some serious potential to succeed with players the caliber that USC has on its roster as well as the guys those men can recruit. USC wont be down for long
  3. dude i wish i could. unfortunately los angeles is a long way from east high school though i can say, the greek will be making an appearance at Cheyenne East in december
  4. Great to see some new and up-coming names having some nice success. Who knows maybe even toby will start playin as big a game as he talks...
  5. rocktober has come to a close, but a hell of a ride it was. Just closing up some stuff here, a) ubaldo is still better than piniero. He's one of the top young pitchers in the game, as long as he contains his walks aaron cook is a very very solid top starter. Sevv, you mention his high WHIP and low k/9 and thats an obvious stat to look at for a pitcher who pitches for contact. thats what a sinkerballer is supposed to do. but he gets the job done week in and week out. c) the rockies line-up was their undoing. the achilles heel all year was the high strikeout rate, and it was again. we just couldnt push the runs across when we needed. d) Huston Street, what happened?
  6. our ROX lost a few tough ones to LA, and now we got lincicome, zito, and cain back to back IN san fran. should be tough no surprise though. everyone did say this was a damn important 10 game stretch
  7. Matt Barkley named USC starting qb today. As a trojan myself I hope he's as good as they keep saying he is. Ohio state week 2 will prove a test. Luckily he has a ton of talent around him. And let's be honest, he beat out two more experienced qb's, at USC none-the-less, a feat worth noting considering the last few qbs to go through the place weren't too shabby. SO FIGHT ON TROJANS AND MATT BARKLEY
  8. Better than McCoy, who just wins like nobody's business, Bradford, who, i think gets too much credit for standing in a frickin waiting room before throwing to gresham, is still the heisman winner, and Zac robinson, that dude who quietly had pretty much better stats than the other two?? i think thats a tough assesment to make KU isn't any less a spread team that the other ones either
  9. Here starts the official "I Hate Lance Armstrong Fan Club" *Tired of his "If you dont like me, you don't like cancer victims" sass act *As Self-centered as they come (see "disagreement" with fellow teammate Contador) even when he plays himself off as some self-less person. But then you actually listen to what he says So regardless of how many of these races he's won (which I will admit is a feat, yes), i just cant stand the guy
  10. 1. Larry Walker - one of the forgotten stars amid the steroid era. hit for average, power, threw like jesus himself. and classy 2. Junior Griffey - he of the backward hat. yeah you all forget he started THE style of the 90s 3. Albert Pujols - most feared player on the field, no matter if he's hitting or standing on third base, he just gets it done someway somehow 4. Tom Brady - man crush on mr super bowl 5. Eddie Royal - dude he's SOO sick 6. Dwayne Wade - in my eyes, does a lot of things better than kobe or lbj 7. Jay cutler - fell due to recent douchbagery and such. but deserves the credit he gets. he's for real 8. Roger Federer - just unbelievable to watch 9. Brad Hawpe - always liked him, glad to see him finally getting some national credit 10. Brian Dawkins - LOVED him as an eagle. STOKED to see him in blue and orange honorable mention: Patrick Chukwurah - yeah i know he sucked royally for 90% of the time, but dude was he cool to watch!! maybe it was just the whole big, fast man with massive dreads heading to kill a qb...
  11. not to mention they've played more road games than any team in baseball thus far.
  12. the rockies proved this week, although the lost 2 of 3 from LA, that they can hang with any team. they wont lay down for anyone. somehow ppl seem not to notice that Colorado has the 4th best record in the NL!! better than philly. better than ny. better than chicago, st louis, florida, the list goes on. With the schedule the way it looks i'd say they're here for a run.
  13. i think tracy has some part in it, mostly i'd say in the bullpen's improvement. he just knows how to handle them better than hurdle. but mostly i'd say it's the starters getting it done and the hitters getting going. cook had a rough start and is finally getting going. replacing atkins with stewart has helped jump-start the lineup a bit, as has tulo getting on a roll, which has been sorely waited for.
  14. any rockies love?? won 17 of the last 18 and beating some pretty good teams (swept cards, brewers, mariners, pirates, beat tampa) is it for real?
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