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  1. Don't be stupid. AP is ADVANCED PLACEMENT. A test to get college credit with. What college course could this possibly correspond with? The traditional high school AP courses were designed to teach a college curriculum not invent a new curriculum.
  2. did coughcough run a "speed observation" against you?
  3. Damn. How did Charlie get my password.
  4. yo bitches here are the octos parings dcd ms vs. egr kv egr pt vs. ek lw cadillac dt vs. ek dh hh dow dl vs. holland bs holt mo vs. south lyon gl okemos fg vs. fhn seaholm bm vs. porno fg troy st vs. mona shores fp *Bold indicates 5-0 teams
  5. how about any evidence that says that a move by bush could fracture the Gang of 14. this could be a very specific link story hinged on one or two senators.
  6. What's up Sid. Just let them try both 2A and 2N once and let them pick which ever position they like more. They should work that stuff out on their own with their partner.
  7. PhatAlbert


    Hmm, that sounds like a camp round I had. And it ended with case being dropped in the 1AR too.
  8. Hmm, my bad. Just how conservative is she? I get the feeling the religious right will not be too happy with this nomination. She is supposedly pro-business though. Any impact scenarios for a Meiers nomination yet?
  9. I'd vote against her confirmation on this basis alone.
  10. Is there a preliminary schedule as to when rounds will be? esp. when first round starts saturday morning.
  11. SDI has a LOS advantage on one case. and i have backfiles too.
  12. bunker busters? and i thought anwr passed as did most of the court appointments.. as did CAFTA and the energy bill
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