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  1. i would like to hear why those 9 people voted for 1N...?
  2. one time at state (first round) we hit this novice team and during my 2NC this girl on the other team's phone rings, and its some annoying song, and she is fumbling in her purse for it.... i stop the timer per the judge's request and we are all staring at the girl and she gets her phone out, drops it on the ground, bends down to pick it up but on her way up, hits her head pretty hard on the table. she makes this little ouch sound and it was kinda funny... but then when she looked up she had a bloody nose and she was bleeding everywhere and her partner was laughing really hard and then put her flow under her nose to stop the bleeding... needless to say we won. the girl was okay-- but it was definitely a moment i will not soon forget.
  3. is there a tournament at the end ofthe three week?
  4. abblesway


    ahahah yea i think i've been the victim of timer theft as well... haven't we all? i do borrow pens often and never return them, usually by accident unless its like a really nice pen and they never ask for it back but then again, people shouldn't just lend out pilot g2's if they want to get them back...lol :]
  5. do they move people around based on skill? will they individually see where people fit or do they lump you based on your "experience''?
  6. i think the idea that one can give a good 1AC in his/her sleep is wrong. people all too often think the 1AC is sooooo easy, when it is often undervalued. while it is the easiest speech in the debate, a good 1AC gives you a head up in the game because you are established as a good speaker in the round; confident c-x answers make your team look well prepared and knowledgeable (even if you aren't); and, a good 1AC is the start to a good aff round. anyways, enough about that. i think that the order (still) goes: 2N 2A 1A 1N but like so many people say, i think the individual scenarios in a round really determine which positions are most difficult.
  7. yeah if someone has it do you think i could get a copy too? i have africa stuff, nat service... and a ton of other random stuff...
  8. besides food and stuff... how much money should someone bring for like fans/expandos/random other stuff like that?
  9. i love to flow with the pilot g2s... i usually go with the .7's blue/black and red-- and for everyday use i think the papermate eagles are the bomb! you can buy like 20 for 4 dollars and they are amazing.
  10. personally i prefer rockstars, but before round i usually just drink water or light colored gatorade (so my tongue and lips don't turn colors,lol). my partner likes to drink starbucks double shots before round so i dunno-- i tend to find that i usually run on adrenaline during round and don't need any extra energy.
  11. hey everyone... i was just wondering if there was any place on-line that anyone has found that has some good debates to watch. I really enjoy watching them and i think thats a great way to get better. i have found a ton of college debate stuff, but besides the wdi videos is there any place people have found some good high school debates to watch? thanks! :]
  12. yeah i will trade for whatever you got but could you be a little more specific?
  13. i'm voting neg because their shoes match we were aff :[
  14. dadt is definitely not the strongest aff, not to mention how everyone has a 300 page neg file and prewritten blocks about it. it doesn't matter the amount of lit on it or how prepped other teams are gonna be i just need a new, good, strong aff
  15. lookin for a new aff... whats the best aff you have hit? just need some inspiration...
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