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  1. no one ever argued that, we're talking about yankton vs. the watertown teams mentioned above
  2. didn't this team lose to a shitty watertown team in round two and then get butt fucked by another watertown team in the final round?
  3. Does a counterplan have to be mutually exclusive? Can it just compete through net benefits or is this considered 'artificially competitive'? If a negative ran a counterplan and the affrimative's only arguments were: A perm. A theory argument saying the counterplan must be mutually exclusive and if it is not there is no reason to vote on it. Would you look at the counterplan when voting? Recently a South Dakota team lost to the argument above; could the three ballots be a regional thing? Or, was the round a complete judgefuck?
  4. Was that suppose to be irony or are you just dumb?
  5. Watertown will be sending the following policy teams: Varsity: VanLaeken-Ohara Otto-Dirose Timm-Peterson Junior Varisty: Weber-Titze Ulrich-Farber Culhane-Loof Carter-Mohling
  6. This thread will be kept updated (hopefully stickyed eventually) and will have listed all South Dakotan Varsity and Junior Varisty teams and their cases. Obviously, not all of you will be willing to disclose your own case, so I'm asking everyone to post the teams they have hit and that team's case. It will benefit every school equally and increase the quality of debate by having better prepped arguments. Let the posting begin!
  7. Who's All Going To Camp, If So, Which One? Post About Any Camp You And/Or Your Teammates Are Going To.
  8. Nice one on the spelling comment, it didn't quite live up to my legendary 'too' kritik. But seriously and honest to god this isn't JVL, and I'm gonna laugh my ass off tomorrow when you start drilling him, he says its not him and starts laughing, and then you 'know' it's him and convince everyone to just be mean to him the rest of the day, the poor kid.
  9. 1) I see your grammatical context you're agruing for and does make sense; however my context does also. I posted: "I'm thinking you maybe should have used one of your other seven accounts to make that post- that way it would make people think you actually had friends." Notice that the term 'should have' this indicates we are talking in the past tense. Since I was talking in the past tense, the phrase, "you actually had friends" means that you 'had' friends at the time of your post. I could have used either 'had' or 'have', than again it doesn't make one damned bit of difference so just shut the hell up about it. 2) Yeah you totally just killed me, oh wait, I'm not JVL. . . Yeah now you just seem pretty dumb, go die.
  10. Yeah, I kinda already already destroyed you on that other thread so I'll lay off a little now.
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