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  1. The point of which an fx debate gets to be that absurd, you might as well just be debating "Plan solves poverty and thus doesn't endorse durable fiat since there will be nobody to give these services to in the future."
  2. If one could somehow produce antimatter using an amount of energy no greater than twice the mass of that antimatter, than you could get energy without violating the conservation of energy vis a vis annihilating pre-existing atoms. I dont know if this can be done, though. There actually is a legit solvency mechanism for this aff though. NASA is currently studying the feasibility of gathering pre-existing antimatter. Stick this into google and you'll get some articles on the matter: extraction of antiparticles concentrated in planetary magnetic fields
  3. Hey, has anyone got any of the Northwestern files from the National Service topic? If you do, I'd like to hit you up for one of the files, specifically, the radical orthodoxy file. PM me, and I'll explain more.
  4. Capitalism could go both ways, though. I bet an aff could claim to crush the oil industry or block capitalism with heavy negative incentives of some sort.
  5. Erdos

    Al-Shiva... Aff?

    There's some rediculous ev about how the al-shifa bombing directly led to 9-11 as well as ev that said al-shifa provided 50% of SSA's meds. Neither is true, but the ev exists.
  6. I would really love to trade for offense against the Zimbabwe PIC. (Though if you have great defense, I'll take that too.) I have some home-cut stuff, I have old, awesome, and obscure backfiles, and I have all camp files. Please PM me.
  7. If you must put a kritik on the topicality flow, it is better to kritik definitions since that way the negs cant make their standard limits analysis. An example would be a landmines aff with kritikal reasons for why landmines should be considered under and epidemiological framework that kritiks a landmine assistance isnt pha. Another example would be the disabilities aff, where someone runs disabilities assistance isnt large enough for substantial or public or doesnt count as pha or something, with which the aff responds with a kritik of the definition that argues that excluding disabilities from the disease framework is bad.
  8. Erdos

    The Macintosh

    They call me lord of the cheap, for I run only linux and other open source software.
  9. You still should tell the judge to call for the evidence, though.
  10. Erdos

    Is sudan aff any good

    To run the Darfur aff, I suspect you would have to be able to pull off a kritik of topicality of some sort, a feat which is generally quite difficult.
  11. I hardly see anyone spec a given country anymore. Mostly I see the phrase "with a focus on..." whatever nations. If you hear that, make them clarify in cross-x or whenever.
  12. Chance are it would be something along the lines of: The perm is impossible- you can't do the plan and not do part of it. ... PICs are good.
  13. I have found that comments like that from the judge stem less from a raw hatred of philosophy and or an inability to understand it, but more from an excess of bad experience with teams running kritiks without knowing what they are doing. Such judges, I suspect, will still vote for you if you just analyze the arguments rights. Personally, I react by reading different overviews and making slightly different arguments on the kritik flow- I cut out all of the 'kritik speak,' I do more analysis regarding the link and how it would effect the policy itself, and I generally keep the impact on the root cause or case turn level. Also, I like to keep alternatives on a more simple level- rarely anything beyond reject. Of course some judges still won't vote on it no matter what you do...
  14. Come on people. I'm pretty sure Synergy wasn't quite serious in posting that card.
  15. I would really like to trade for the neg end of a Russian Relations DA. I have all kinds of files that I can trade to you for said disad. Non homemade files regarding this disad are fine also. Please PM or email me.
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