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  1. I'm going to stay out of this discussion for the most part, but I thought of a question that no one seems to have asked: if Justin Skarb has the academic background for it to be expected of him to write articles on SBSP, where are the other articles he's written? I haven't been able to find any, and it seems a huge coincidence that his first (or one of his first) published article(s) is on a topic directly related to the debate community sent in shortly before the season ends. -Alec Zimmer
  2. Alec Zimmer has changed his plans. He is now going to U of Chicago, not UC Berkeley
  3. I've got to agree with what's been said here and by Synergy in the other NDCA thread. I've competed at the NDCA all four years of the tournament's existence, and I have to say that every year the tournament gets better and continues to exceed expectations. I can't think of another tournament with comparable competition and judging other than the TOC, and hospitality at the tournament was great (free pizza, pop, and goodies, anyone?). Not to mention the fact that the trophies were awesome - the quarters award we received was more than good enough to be a finals award at a lot of other tournaments. Alec Zimmer Glenbrook South
  4. Novice: GBS TT was 4-2 GBS BB, GH, and HJ were 5-1 TT lost in octos GH and HJ lost in quarters BB (neg) lost in finals to UC Lab (the same match-up as finals of Illinois novice state but with a different winner)
  5. one of the pods: 1st: Colleyville MN 2nd: Lexington 3rd: Woodward 1st speaker: Andrew Murray 2nd speaker: Alex Nasr 3rd speaker: Matthew Pesce(sp?) other pod: 1st: Westminster JS 2nd: Damien 3rd: GBS QZ 1st speaker: Greg Rodarte 2nd speaker: Sean Hernandez 3rd speaker: Anshu Sathian finals is Colleyville aff v. Westminster
  6. GBS CH defeated Lexington on a 3-0 and is advancing to finals Keep it up guys! Don't drop an elim ballot!
  7. thatperson42


    gbs is 3-1 dropped to wayzata (not sure what round)
  8. you should come to gbs we could use some new dance moves
  9. hey, could one of you please email me the cites to your (Aids Theatre) 1AC? my email address is zimmerx@gmail.com
  10. technically gbs first read this card on the peacekeeping topic. if you look at their native languages aff, it's basically a kritik one of our coaches cut at camp
  11. Could you send me the outline to your Americorps Christianity aff? Thanks
  12. I'll be applying sometime soon. Alec Zimmer 1A/2N
  13. Could one of you send me the outline for your Reading Good aff? Email me at zimmerx@gmail.com.
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