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  1. Think of it as extemporaneous debate (or if you're familiar with Parli, a modified form of that.) You're provided with your topic prior to the round and then prepare for it in the interim. I don't recall if sides are assigned or not, but I think they are. No published work period may be used in the round, but I believe you can write down citations and bring them. Nothing prepared, no speeches or cards, etc. I found it exceedingly easy (as did the rest of my state,) you shouldn't have any problems with it. Be pithy, don't go for complexity. Aff or Neg, go for one to two points. This isn't really a debate, it's a contest between you and your opponent to see who can be more articulate and logical. All speeches are 2 minutes, CX and prep time are 1 Aff CX Neg CX Mandated Prep time 1AR 1NR Mandated Prep Time 2AR 2NR
  2. Bit late to the party in making this thread. Parkview was too busy with homecoming (lol) to come to this tournament, apparently.
  3. This is correct. As for PF, Monett had a team rank 4th and Parkview had a top 11 finish.
  4. You mean like the Royals/Cardinals games I've gone to at Busch with endless, insufferable Royals fans? Cardinals & Royals Fans: You guys were the dicks first What's actually happening: both fans are dicks Today's XKCD is awesomely relevant Yeah yeah, it hurts that I'm in Springfield and we're a thoroughly Cardinals town. Thing is, I still don't see Cardinals fans doing what Royals Fans do. I never find a Cardinals fan bitching about how the Royals are really overrated and all these Royals [insert pejorative fan term here] are dicks. I also don't see Post-Dispatch articles bashing Kansas- which, by the way, is pathetic. Also, who cares about 1985? Old Cardinals fans will bitch, Royals fans will do some vague copy of what you just did. Everyone else will not give a flying fuck.
  5. The only time I see or read about Cardinals fans being dicks is directly in response to Royals fans being dicks or calling Cardinals fans dicks.
  6. Source. Cool stuff. Ian, thoughts? Does this mean lawsuits based on internet activities are on the way out?
  7. If he hadn't been killed, we would have already seen a video about him going "lol US" or whatever. Not sure how other articles have covered the operation, but this one gives insight into how things actually went down.
  8. I'm more excited about this maybe shutting all the birthers up.
  9. good luck getting the cash rew-oh.
  10. Aside from Romneycare, Romney supported pro-choice efforts and civil unions. The three of those will kill him in Tea Party support which will almost undoubtedly cause him to lose in the primaries and thus the nom. If he makes it through that unscathed, he'll get Tea party support, but only by virtue of him not being Obama.
  11. This makes more sense than him actually wanting to run, honestly.
  12. When the only person standing up and saying "Lol, seriously?" about Trump is Karl Rove, and when Rove receives wide conservative criticism for saying that, I see the Reps crashing and burning this year. Sorry, I guess Trump's just hard to take seriously when his most recent news stories are a spat with Rosie O'Donnell and him pushing forward the birther bullshit. Romney isn't liked by the Tea Party, which will crush him. Gingrich is a career loser. Bachmann probably won't run, and I see her getting Palin-esc negativity attached. Other potential GOP candidates are either too young (Jindal, Rand Paul) or aren't that likely to run (Pawlenty)
  13. Your post is restrictive of what constitutes a god- the law doesn't define it, it just says god, but you've got theists and polytheists and pantheists. So, sure, the Abrahamic faiths are god, but polytheists could pray to Ares for strength or Odin for Wisdom or Ra so the sun stays up. For that matter, pantheists could even pray to science. The essay is problematic. It extrapolates the ontological argument as relevant to what constitutes a god, but in that it is flawed. The ontological argument may serve as a proof/checklist for what is the "ultimate" deity, but a being which is not the greatest possible but still petty great could be a god. Therefore, having "supreme adoration and respect" as contingent for a god is illogical, for my worship of a being could have nothing to do with adoration and respect. I could worship Ares in reverence for the savagery of Man, but still think he's a dick.
  14. he's under a single IP out of Ontario. Could be an actual poster. Could be a troll skilled in finding proxy servers.
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