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  1. www.monster.com


    Now quit whining about the results of your begging for a job on a high school debate website. You are owed nothing by anyone who has posted in this thread and have no right to act as though they do.


    What act of entitlement? I see someone trying to find a job and his attempts thwarted by NoVA locals bitching (for good reason, though) about philosophical differences.


    Seriously NJL1994, don't change the way you debate? *Gasp* how dare someone attempt to teach you kids things that you barely comprehend!

  2. Hi,


    My name is Frank Garvey, I am a freshman at George Mason University and a graduate of Cedar Cliff High School in Camp Hill, PA. I am available to judge at the NDCA Tournament. I could coach/cut cards if necessary too. I don't need transportation, or housing.


    Please feel free to PM me or email:





    PS: I know numerous other GMU debaters who would be willing and able to do this as well. Please contact us, we're bored/broke college students

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