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  1. Hey, I'm looking for a results packet for the 2011 State Tournament. If anyone has an electronic version/knows how to get one, could you please PM me? Thanks, Frank
  2. Star Trek aff anyone?
  3. A policy debate version of tumblr?
  4. If Cross-X dies, I'm quitting the internet.
  5. What act of entitlement? I see someone trying to find a job and his attempts thwarted by NoVA locals bitching (for good reason, though) about philosophical differences. Seriously NJL1994, don't change the way you debate? *Gasp* how dare someone attempt to teach you kids things that you barely comprehend!
  6. African Americans. Reparations for slavery.
  7. That's a parking lot. Or the headquarters of Verizon.
  8. rxg360

    Hey NoVA Teams

    money would be nice, but probably not necessary.
  9. I like my women the way I like my T violations: with standards.
  10. Sup? My name's Frank, I'm a freshman at Mason. Myself and a few other Mason debaters are looking to coach/judge for local HS teams, especially at VHSL States next month. If anyone's interested, PM or email me. rfgarvey4@gmail.com
  11. I'll judge http://judgephilosophies.wikispaces.com/page/edit/Garvey%2C+Frank?goto=&responseToken=7eed0b1cf5aa9a94534667b49ee57307
  12. Hi, My name is Frank Garvey, I am a freshman at George Mason University and a graduate of Cedar Cliff High School in Camp Hill, PA. I am available to judge at the NDCA Tournament. I could coach/cut cards if necessary too. I don't need transportation, or housing. Please feel free to PM me or email: rfgarvey4@gmail.com PS: I know numerous other GMU debaters who would be willing and able to do this as well. Please contact us, we're bored/broke college students
  13. I am attempting to put together a caselist for PHSSL States. I created a wiki: http://phsslcaselist.wikispaces.com/ Make a tab with your plan text and some cites. I know that this doesn't follow with PA's sterling reputation for non-disclosure, but it's probably a good idea to improve the educational quality of the rounds, something that seems to lack. -F
  14. rxg360


    You forgot your plaque. Go to Tab.
  15. Written on ballot: Frank, be careful with impacts that end in nuclear war, they're falling out of style.
  16. rxg360

    PA Tournaments

    I'm trying to put together a list of policy tournaments in PA. I know about Myers, Pennsbury and Shikellamy. Are there any others?
  17. You can call us Ike and Tina for the way we're turning this disad. -Dan Thies, GMU.
  18. rxg360

    I need help...

    I was told to research A2's for "Expand warning levels." The problem: I have no idea what this is. Can someone help?
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