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  1. are you still around or what?

  2. If the cops and neighbors were well-educated (meaning "not stupid"), this whole thing wouldn't have happened. They didn't know who Gates was. Worse yet, they didn't care if he was one of the brightest minds of America. For them he was just black (or "n---r"). This is where the real racism comes in. They don't live in a postracial society, they still live in the pre-Brown vs. Board of Education socity. There is "somthing rotten" in the foundation of America. Dred Scott vs. Sanford can tell you that, the US Supreme court denial of Mumia's retrial can tell you what is rotten. by the way, where are the homies at cross-x like Burns? Did they all leave? Dont' worry you guys, I ain't posting here no more, I will stick strictly to Books and Article where I still find some intelligent people.
  3. if you don't have enough information about a foreign nation state you will likely to follow the representation and pre-judgement mediated by the American corporate interest. (Said has told you that already.) How is the sovereign decision made in China, do you know? Answering this will give you a clue as to how Marxism is at the foundation of their socialist governmentality. Somewhat intelligent people are the most dangerous people in our society because they tend to cover up their igonorance with rhetoricl devices.
  4. you probably need more background on Chinese modern history and the make up of the Chinese state.
  5. what does the article say about the stateʻs position on exploitation?
  6. Any homies out there? Even Obama came out on this bro. What does it tell you? you can't even go back into your own house even if you are deemed one of the brightest intellectuals in America.
  7. Come on! Are y'all with the racist massachusetts' cops and neighbors?
  8. Calling names doesn't change the situation in which you haven't read the article thoroughly.
  9. What is your view on the arrest of Henry Louis GAtes, Jr?
  10. You gotta read the content not just the conclusion. Marxist ideas can be expressed without using the word, "Marxism." Try again.
  11. Michel Foucault in his Birth of Biopolitics talks about how socialism hasn't had its own form of governmentality. At around the same time (1978), Deng Xiaoping launches his three represents program. Deng's turn is commonly perceived as reformism, as you point out, and especially some in the left thinks its total deviation from Marxism. But as I examine the historical process much closely, it is clear to me that what China has done since Deng's turn is to establish the mode of socialist governmentality in the age of globalization in line with the fundamental principle of Marxist-Leninism. Its a Chinese acrobat. check this out if you are in doubt: http://www.cenet.org.cn/userfiles/2009-6-12/20090612153426715.pdf
  12. I guess you missed the major issue here. For China the end of dollar hegemony is not the "end of the world" at all. Its the beginning of a new world. They want at least Yuan denominated US bonds. This issue has been boiling for a while. 2007, Aug.: China threatened to sell bonds if US imposes trade sanctions http://www.forbes.com/feeds/afx/2007/08/08/afx3997945.html 2009, Feb.: Ms. Clinton visits China to beg them to keep buying US debts http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601070&sid=apSqGtcNsqSY&refer=politics 2009, Jun 1: Chinese state press skeptical about buying US treasury bonds. http://www.google.com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5isGkoMs3yK_P9_dIswHjfvr4ywYQ The above pertains only to US bonds. Now when you look at China, it is the biggest manufacturing country in the whole world. Most of what we buy is made in China. That means they are the biggest value producer. Most people (in the western world) think China is a socialist country that adopted capitalism as its economic strategy. What most people don't realize is that China actually pushed Marxism to its extreme. They concluded the essence of proletariat is not in its political expression but its value production. So there they are, the biggest producer of value in the world with severe restrictions on political expression. And look at the US economy, there is near zero production of value. Its all about speculation and the economy of simulacra. The only genuine site of value production is the prison labor, which is nothing but slavery legalized by the thirteenth amendment to the US constitution. From a Marxist standpoint, the US economy is a devolved economy bound to collapse. I am not saying that Marxist theory or its Chinese variant is indisputable. What I am seeing is that Chinese state is not emulating some whacky neoliberalism, they have a coherent policy based on the systematic theory, which of course doesn't make me a supporter of their policy.
  13. http://www.reuters.com/news/video?videoId=106400&videoChannel=1&refresh=true check this out, this film maker is reading a paper from the interior ministry of Iran verifying Moussavi's victory.
  14. Chris Hedges, "The American Empire is Bankrupt." http://www.commondreams.org/view/2009/06/15-0 If Chinese is abandoning the dollar, who's gonna buy US govt. bonds now?
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