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  1. probably a higher quality last year though Edit: Im not saying that because I competed last year
  2. Yeah it was. That file went undefeated this season no matter who ran it.
  3. idc. Tommy and Cody havent debated cx once this season. Then they run Agamben on a lay judge and win. MVP=Agamben
  4. 2008 Hole in the Wall District CX MVP is.... Agamben lol
  5. Some of the best years of my life were spent playing Diablo II. The pvp and rare items just made it so damn addicting...
  6. Yeah damion must have just been confused we did lose to you. Its a shame though. Since the advantages went dropped all kyle had to do for us to win the round was extend our answers to performative contadictions and explain how not giving aid was allowing the africans to speak for themselves. Oh well it was a good round
  7. not enough money in the world...
  8. I remember seeing a card about how violence creates areas where it is easier for aids and other diseases to run rampant. If someone could post a card along those lines or point me in the right direction that would be cool
  9. this just reminds me of how sad it is your moving.
  10. HulkKsGuru


    http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2007/10/071020103343.htm seems kind of cool. has anyone seen this yet?
  11. our novices have yet to pick affs. even if they had I wouldnt be disclosing their cases. It can only be so many anyways. whats so hard about printing oncase for each one?
  12. HulkKsGuru

    file sell off

    correct me if I'm wrong but its more expensive to buy the peter lawsons file sell off than it is to buy each individual file
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