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  1. hey everyone, theres a k someone runs on our circut called post politics k entirely by ziezek and it says (i think) we should veiw things in a politcal spectrum not in a human rights spectrum. Bare life is the impact. Whats some good arguments that i can make to this. Can anyone point me in the right direction to find research that answers ziezeks post politics?
  3. no, its not a terrorist organization its an activist organiztion that usually dumpster dives the food(usually from like resurants that throw away perfectly good food at the end of the night, cooks it and then gives it out........trying to create solidarity and advocating no war
  4. JPDebater

    PLO help

    its really only specifc to UTNIF's plan on for third world fem, its a k case and we dont advocate patricahy as an adv. so yea, but if the the ngo's cant tell how do are we sure they dont give to sex traifficers
  5. JPDebater

    PLO help

    im looking at the critical prositution loyalty aff from UTNIF and im wondering, does the plan also let NGO's fund sex trafficers and if so how does this not moot all the solvency. If not how does the plan make NGO's fund only to prostitutes that came about by choice, like how can u tell?
  6. hahahah, my brother is part of this organization its the shit by the way
  7. if any one has any more email me and we can work out a trade
  8. any one have a landmines aff from the UN topic, dreamerofdreamsjp@hotmail.com - appreciate any that ppl have the spare.
  9. o and if any one has any authors writing about kato plz send them dreamerofdreamsjp@hotmail.com willing to trade
  10. i thought kato only argues that we must recognize the war's we have done in the past that we havent i.e. the wars against the 4th world
  11. hey, can u explain the combo of kato and Cumuo?
  12. I would definitely be a camper where do I sign up.
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