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  1. http://www.harvard-debate.org/downloads/HHS2004/Download_401.pdf
  2. i do python. and my score is 1508. bitch

  3. aha but i am in school.

  4. shouldn't you be at school?

  5. eli shouldnt you be in school?

  6. its on.

    you. me. snake high score.

  7. x-sHaLoTt-x

    UIL State 2008

    you are a funny one. a/t avi: that round at clark was rape.
  8. x-sHaLoTt-x

    UIL State 2008

    ...its an inside joke with anyone whos hit me on aff.. sorry.
  9. x-sHaLoTt-x

    UIL State 2008

    im going to have to disagree too.. one word: fistula. nuff said.
  10. x-sHaLoTt-x

    UIL State 2008

    do you know which crosby that is?
  11. x-sHaLoTt-x

    UIL State 2008

    yeah dan, not gonna lie, thats pretty impressive.
  12. x-sHaLoTt-x

    UIL State 2008

    yeah that does suck pretty bad. but its UIL and everyone knows that its similar to playing russian roulette. either way congrats to catlin and tyler <3
  13. x-sHaLoTt-x

    UIL State 2008

    congrats on quarters to everyone, especially jenny, shubba, matt, and jacob. whats the deal with the forfeit?
  14. x-sHaLoTt-x

    UIL State 2008

    aww congrats to leanna, chrystal, matt and lauren <333 i love all of you guys but does anyone have 5A breaks yet? i heard deer park broke first and third seed but my sources may be wrong.
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