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  1. I'm going to JEDI! I'll be commuting so I won't be seeing all you guys to often, but I'll be trying to spend as much time in the dorms as I can.
  2. Wolfmother

    College Judging

    Anyone in or around Salina willing to come, I'd love a message from you letting me know if you can judge for our tournament!
  3. FAVORITES... Free time activity (besides blocking and cutting): Pouring water on the RA's, can i getta hell ya? Song(s) that were danced/raved/moshed to: Paper planes, everyone in my town loves that song now. Saying/Quote: Damit Dave -Stormee Judge: Rafi, thanks man Argument: Give back the land CP, w/ over con. and soco. thx Ryan Aff: Nano tech ftw! Neg Strat: c/a anwser to argument Lecture: CP lecture 2nd week w/ Jgreen and Chris RA: John Grice, just cause Derek wasn't an RA Memory: Doug peeing the bead. Object in the dorm: shower, what would we do without. K-State merchandise received: The evd. once we get it! Non-debate experience: Last night, had nothing to do with debate WHO/WHAT WAS... The person that had answers to everything (advice, not blocks)John Grice The one that made everyone happy/laugh? Preston The one that made everyone mad/cry? Derek The most feared in round? Eric The most underrated? Perston The most talented? Apark, whopped ass in b-ball The most likely to use prep for the 1NR? Joverby The best looking debater? David Harzman, lulz The most random thing encountered when researching? facebook Your worst affirmative/negative strategy? Saudi DA, Doomsaying K The senior you will miss the most? Kyle CAMPERS... Katie -Cleaned up all her rounds Meaghan -Awww, so pretty, and I never made a move Todd -not hella legit! Amanda-Mean, and I don't like you, she'd say the same Brittany -confusing Eric -hilarious, you cracked me up Kyle -down to earth, and cool to talk too, I think you're the only one who listend to rap besides me Michael -proved to me, you can go slow in a fast round David -??? Ryan -Thanks man, you taught me alot Preston -I wish you did the dinosaur more often Stormee -Damit Stormee Chance -So damn nice, I still don't get why you always cleaned Tayler -I hope you learned alot, if you try harder you'll do great Jake -douche, and your facebook pic proves RA's/Leaders JGreen -Smart guy, and you know how to run a camp. SJ -I only saw you once Dan -My lab leader 1st week, thanks man you always had the anwsers the way I didn't want to hear them. Kyle Z. -You're smart, thanks for judging Apark -RL version of google Caitilyn -Surprisingly smart Derek -I'm still a fan John -Thanks for watching us James -Smart guy, thanks for judging No Rafi?- Thanks for judging, I hope to see you next year AND FINALLY.... Who REALLY took Eric's iPod? Crazy Legs, ha I said it and I don't have to do speed drills.
  4. Well dam, I go to WDW because I want to learn theory and my stock issues. critical debate doesn't do shit in Kansas my friend.
  5. Is there a deopsit? If so how much, and when is it due? I plan on attending.
  6. Wolfmother


    well im not expecting any cards, but I'm not for sure what all the things you said were, could you explain further?
  7. Wolfmother


    I need help. I am debating public forum, I know it's not as fun as policy, but being in Kansas secoend semester I do what I can. The Resoultion goes along the lines of are the primares democratic. I'm really having trouble thinking of some orginal points, ideas, subpoints w/e. Can you help me out?
  8. Wolfmother

    Critical Aff

    why do you hate policy?
  9. Wolfmother

    Critical Aff

    well on some kritial affs when they say fiat bad i was wondering waht are some reasons it good.
  10. Wolfmother

    Critical Aff

    what are some reasons fiat is good/bad
  11. Wolfmother

    Critical Aff

    I can't give you an anwser but I've been wondering the same thing.
  12. Wolfmother


    I wanted to write some ganeric blocks before the season started. Could you guys give me some ideas of what would come in handy during round?
  13. "How much does your plan cost?" "Just enough to link to your spending disad, Bitch!" -Hoss
  14. I know someone who came from WDW, it's no where near as good as WFI. Last year was their first year running a camp. They are really unorganized and don't put out good evidence. But, I'm pissed cause fucking 3 people from my school just decided to go to WFI.
  15. What is the deadline for the money into the camp?
  16. I see you still look like a 15 year old girl, but not hot. Will Ferrel -blades of glory
  17. My fucking quote: I'll fight any man, any animal, if Jesus were here I'd fight him too. Mike Tyson- The greatest man alive!
  18. That's fucked up...my mom doesn't care but I don't want her shot.
  19. I fiat'd solvency once...if that's waht this thred is about.
  20. So you'll never be able to drink?
  21. strait for the bitches... (listening to slim thug gets me gangsta'd up)
  22. I'm stoked to come back from it and kill everything in my site.
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