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  1. I'm going to JEDI! I'll be commuting so I won't be seeing all you guys to often, but I'll be trying to spend as much time in the dorms as I can.
  2. Wolfmother

    College Judging

    Anyone in or around Salina willing to come, I'd love a message from you letting me know if you can judge for our tournament!
  3. FAVORITES... Free time activity (besides blocking and cutting): Pouring water on the RA's, can i getta hell ya? Song(s) that were danced/raved/moshed to: Paper planes, everyone in my town loves that song now. Saying/Quote: Damit Dave -Stormee Judge: Rafi, thanks man Argument: Give back the land CP, w/ over con. and soco. thx Ryan Aff: Nano tech ftw! Neg Strat: c/a anwser to argument Lecture: CP lecture 2nd week w/ Jgreen and Chris RA: John Grice, just cause Derek wasn't an RA Memory: Doug peeing the bead. Object in the dorm: shower, what would we do without. K-State merchandise received: The evd. once we get it! Non-debate experience: Last night, had nothing to do with debate WHO/WHAT WAS... The person that had answers to everything (advice, not blocks)John Grice The one that made everyone happy/laugh? Preston The one that made everyone mad/cry? Derek The most feared in round? Eric The most underrated? Perston The most talented? Apark, whopped ass in b-ball The most likely to use prep for the 1NR? Joverby The best looking debater? David Harzman, lulz The most random thing encountered when researching? facebook Your worst affirmative/negative strategy? Saudi DA, Doomsaying K The senior you will miss the most? Kyle CAMPERS... Katie -Cleaned up all her rounds Meaghan -Awww, so pretty, and I never made a move Todd -not hella legit! Amanda-Mean, and I don't like you, she'd say the same Brittany -confusing Eric -hilarious, you cracked me up Kyle -down to earth, and cool to talk too, I think you're the only one who listend to rap besides me Michael -proved to me, you can go slow in a fast round David -??? Ryan -Thanks man, you taught me alot Preston -I wish you did the dinosaur more often Stormee -Damit Stormee Chance -So damn nice, I still don't get why you always cleaned Tayler -I hope you learned alot, if you try harder you'll do great Jake -douche, and your facebook pic proves RA's/Leaders JGreen -Smart guy, and you know how to run a camp. SJ -I only saw you once Dan -My lab leader 1st week, thanks man you always had the anwsers the way I didn't want to hear them. Kyle Z. -You're smart, thanks for judging Apark -RL version of google Caitilyn -Surprisingly smart Derek -I'm still a fan John -Thanks for watching us James -Smart guy, thanks for judging No Rafi?- Thanks for judging, I hope to see you next year AND FINALLY.... Who REALLY took Eric's iPod? Crazy Legs, ha I said it and I don't have to do speed drills.
  4. Well dam, I go to WDW because I want to learn theory and my stock issues. critical debate doesn't do shit in Kansas my friend.
  5. Is there a deopsit? If so how much, and when is it due? I plan on attending.
  6. Wolfmother


    well im not expecting any cards, but I'm not for sure what all the things you said were, could you explain further?
  7. Wolfmother


    I need help. I am debating public forum, I know it's not as fun as policy, but being in Kansas secoend semester I do what I can. The Resoultion goes along the lines of are the primares democratic. I'm really having trouble thinking of some orginal points, ideas, subpoints w/e. Can you help me out?
  8. Wolfmother

    Critical Aff

    why do you hate policy?
  9. Wolfmother

    Critical Aff

    well on some kritial affs when they say fiat bad i was wondering waht are some reasons it good.
  10. Wolfmother

    Critical Aff

    what are some reasons fiat is good/bad
  11. Wolfmother

    Critical Aff

    I can't give you an anwser but I've been wondering the same thing.
  12. Wolfmother


    I wanted to write some ganeric blocks before the season started. Could you guys give me some ideas of what would come in handy during round?
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