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  1. Hey, just out of curiosity, who gave me the neg rep on this thread that says "NOBODY WANTS YOU @ GONZAGA CAMP"?
  2. Zombies are real, ever been bludgeoned by a zombie for 1d6+1 points of damage? I should really stop making allusions to dnd
  3. You wont regret it. I'm really suprised this many people (3) have seen it, i expected the response to be "paradise-what"
  4. Wow, i would not have expected someone from idaho to have seen, yes stereotypes are bad, but its generally true of idaho.
  5. you say it only costs porridge to fead them, but what about the necromancers it costs to raise them. Last time i checked it cost a diamond worth 500 gold pieces and a 5th level cleric/necromancer to raise one undead. That is an enourmas emount, to say nothing of where we are going to find thousands of 5th level clerics.
  6. Its directed by abu-assad, anyone at all? If not i suggest renting it(or at the very least, download it). Its about the palestine-israeli conflict and deals with suicide-bombing. It is near essential for anyone wishing to understand this conflict.
  7. I'd have to agree, we were losing the actual policy deabte, really bad.
  8. Just that multiple perms bad/ severence &intrinsicness bad, all with voters attached, then, like i said, they dropped it in the 1ar.
  9. Building on the last few posts, i think we (or at least me) know we are better then a large portion of the populace, and need someway to express it.
  10. Just upated my sig, in it is "the talking box" that clearly, you must obey.
  11. From what i understand, i did that today, read theory on 5 freakin perms, then had them drop it in the 1ar. According to the precedeing posts, i thought it was going to be something really abusive.
  12. Whats this 'trick' i keep hearing about? p.s. just had my first africa debate this afternoon:)
  13. I'm sorry, i dont understand the insinuation.
  14. damn, i just may have to bring my own then, hmm, weigh it.
  15. a quarter of people on our varsity teams are 'minorites', granted its one person, but lets not get into "actual numbers"
  16. ah, keyword had, you got better b/c its in the past tense.
  17. Is the printer free, or do you have to pay for it?
  18. Too true, at least for me, lol.
  19. ya, i'm in spokane now, but i dont know how cool the dorms are kept. Thanks man.
  20. Ayyash


    see youn there man. Dorm for you?
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