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  1. ***force lightning eminates from my fingers*** lets see him do that then.
  2. ooh, this is messy. I said it was not topical b/c it just seems so sketchy, and i can see the neg being screwed over because of no-link arguments b/c of the no-link to say, corruption, china, generic aid-bad arguments. oh, ya and extend what ankur said, he makes a good point.
  3. I was referencing the letter i received from them that says people bring their own, excuse me for contributing at least some information, that may be construed in at least a somewhat helpful way, somthing i see that you have yet to.
  4. I have not heard anything about that. but in the letter they said that some people bring their own.
  5. I'm a sophmore, started this year, but i'm in varity camp.
  6. nope, i dont know who any lab leaders are.
  7. No, i must have the last word, it more of a pride issue:p
  8. Wait, i've been gone for a while and only had time to post that brief thing above about the actual movie, i'll go back and piece together your arguments and do a response by tonight, but i'm pretty swamped with work, so no guarentee.
  9. Thank god we're back on topic. Now that you mention, it, i dont remember a soundtrack at all, i'll have to check and make sure. In fact the only music i remember is when said and khaled are listening to the tape from suha's car... ...Ok i skimmed through it and you are right, there is no music. Thats wierd. I guess you are right with how audiences need music, well actually i think its true for everyone, the trailer has 20 seconds to capture your attention and another 30 to tell intrest you in seeing the movie, and since the music adds atmosphere, it helps alot.
  10. And now if you will excuse me, i am going to watch the movie "the pale princess" suggested i watch about palestine (see p. 1)
  11. First of all, i said i hate many israelis, this statement and me are clearly not racist in any way, i dont know why you and the other one are insistent on repeating that mantra time after time. I'll give you that israel is much better in terms of more freedoms, but only because the IDF does not excersise its power over its citizenry like it does in the OT. And this makes it all the more grievous because while israelis enjoy a strong freedom and democracy, etc, they deny these right on a daily basis to those just a few miles away. And how many of you have actually seen paradise now like the thread actually started out as?
  12. Hey, Behrooz is here, good to see you.
  13. I said israel is never punished, no thanks to someone veto power in the UN. I never stated they were never condemed, which happens frequently. On the last part, perhaps someone forgot to tell you that the 'peace deals' you spoke of, enabled israel to retain full control over borders, air space, water rights and maintain the right of intervention in the territories. And the most recent withdrawel from the gaza strip which was much lauded in western media, they failed to mention that an equal if not greater amount of settelers were moven into the west bank during this time. So it is israel that is screwing over the peace process by failing to insitute un resoluton 242. The only reason why palestinians have to use suicide bombers, is because they dont have multi-billion dollars worth of equipment like israel does, if they did suicide bombings would end. And since history has proved time upon time that israel will not listen to the voice of international law or compassion ,that the only language they understand is that of death. Without the resistance groups, israel would never give up any territory. I find this ironic as this statement is more applicable to the plight of palestine then that of israel, as israel is constantly provoking palestinian retaliations of civilian killings for the killing of civilians Well, thats great, i'm sure you dont sound like every pro-israeli out there today. Now to answer Cat_stevens argument...
  14. Well, then we are on even footing, wait, no because i have talked to the whole spectrum of actors in the subject.
  15. Like when israel practices extra-judicial assasinations and mass punishment, which incidently enough are against the rules of the geneva conventions. Yet israel is never punished.
  16. You must take the good along with the bad, and right now they are the most viable option in the occupied territories The people existed in the same way that serbs did not exist before the '90's or that the jews did not exist before '48. I have heard this saying far to many times. It is the product of the israeli propaganda machine and has been proven wrong far to many times. When workers unions marched in the streets, israeli gunships marked with the logo of locheed martin shot them. When ISM marched against the wall, snipers shot them from towers surrouned by razor wire. Yes israel did not unilatterly start it, i'll give you that much, but they were a significant part. Let us not forget the terrorism of menchem begin. Before the second world war and the massive outpouring of sympathy toward jews as a people, there was going to be one country, for jews and arabs, that of palestine,NOT palestine, so would you not fight if your country was suddenly halved b/c someone in a foreign land did something to another group, and this incident was not connected to you in any way. Like i said above, would you not fight if your country was suddenly halved and given to hostile foreigners(Begin's mossad as an example) Now before you try and say i'm mistaken, i understand that Israel has made mistakes in the past and gone to extremes and points but 1) Almost every nation including Palestinians(especially hamas) has and 2) When a culture and religion have undergone persecution and genocide for over 2,000 years protecting yourself no matter what will always be the first priority not trying to appease the public i.e. your type of thinking. This could not be further from the case. As i have stated a multitude of time, israel does not equal jews, there are plenty of jews who oppose the state of israel b/c it is an apartheid gov't. Let me state for the record I do not hate jews or think they 'should be exterminated', This is a poor excuse for the condemning of a state, a nation.
  17. Yes, mohammed al-durra and faris odeh was a terrorist. On the second count, it was to show that me an my opinions were respected by those who live in the middle east and deal with these very issues on a daily basis, and even 1 or 2 who serve(ed) in the armies of said countries.
  18. First of all, how is being opposed to a state, being racist, i know plenty of jews? How am i being juvenile? I explained my reasoning in a calm, cool manner, i often discuss politics of the middle east with Israelis, Egyptians, Iranians, and American, who often time laud my knowledge of the Israeli-Arab conflict. If you absolutely want, i can direct you to them for corroberation of my story. I am picking israel because, well it is explained in the posts that you so graciously quoted above. Also, a much more munane reason is that i know i cant deal with the whole of the world, and so have picked my niche.
  19. That is exactly the case. It is a common misconception used by israelis justify ad hominum attacks on opposers to israel, it is a ceaseless mantra of "you hate israel, you hate jews" Is that the same as saying , you hate iran, you hate muslims. I do support IAI, because they are a legitamate, 'clean' resistance group working to rid their country of foreign occupiers. I also support HAMAS, because they have worked tirelessly to win freedom by any means necassary. They have achieved far more for Palestine then any other group or country. But you are right on one count, i am saying i do not hate israelis or jews, i hate many israelis, do not mistake that. I am some-what friends with a member of the IDF who works in nablus in the west bank. (I met him at irandefence forum, check it out, good talk about M.E. politics)
  20. um, i dont. Please tell me your post was in jest?
  21. As you suggested i checked out 'divine intervention' and it looks pretty good. The girl on the cover looks like the the one from paradise now, could it be the same? I have it on my list and will watch it tomorrow or the day after. I am looking forward to it? I was on the internet looking at reviews about it, it said it was nominated for best foreignn language film, as paradise now had, but since the comittee "does not formally recognize the nation of palestine" it was unsubmittable.
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