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    favorite pen?

    I personally cant stand flowing with G2's, they dont fit my hand well, and they tend to fly when flipped. I love these...http://www.staples.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/StaplesProductDisplay?langId=-1&storeId=10001&prodCatType=0&catalogId=10051&productId=10259&cmArea=SEARCH They write well, both in red and black/blue, and they flip like a dream. Although i must concede that when i'm not flowing, i do like the G2's
  2. Its like the black liquid from the x-files movie, always expanding. And plus it may feel good at the time, but then it causes your torso to explode in a bloody pulp.
  3. Spokane, meth capital of Wa.
  4. meh, whatever, it was a bad example, but still, if you took USFG as seperate entities, it would allow for a whole slew of bad T's (such as that one)
  5. If that was directed at my above post, Two words, "fiat abuse" If not, forget it.
  6. I would hate the person who ran that. "the aff does must attain unanimous support from the house of representative, and does not, hence they dont use the united states.
  7. I guess its like defining USFG as a single term as opposed to topicality on united, or topicality on federal.
  8. did we decide if we were viwing public health assistance as a single term or as each individual word in that phrase? I dont want to go through the back logs to find out, yes i know i'm lazy.
  9. I've had about 4 africa debates so far this year, and i'm having another next week.
  10. speaking of debate and rape, this year, a local team had this at the start of dadt rape advantage "this time rape isn't funny", and all i could think of, wait, rape is funny in other circumstances? Then later in the same tourny, i realized that it just said "rape isn't funny" , there was not, 'this time' in the text.
  11. Foley Although it was kind of a fluke, i want up against some pretty easy teams.
  12. Ok, thanks for the info. and on the above post, should i wait to find out who he is? Or should you enlighten me now?
  13. Ayyash


    I'm sure at least 1 anti-social person does (which begs the question, what are they doing at camp in the first place?) But, lets just forget the whole thing, who cares?
  14. Ayyash


    fine, whatever man, well, why not ask them.
  15. I'm guessing i'll be in the lower ones then, since i've only been in one varsity tournement, albeit only a few speaks from breaking.
  16. Oh, really, like what, i have not been to too many tournements, thats why i ask?
  17. Ayyash


    I asked about three people it, and not always, some people stay in hotels (at least in theory) or if they ,live in spokane, just commute
  18. i dont care that much, although loads of people said i would be fine in varsity.
  19. Ayyash


    LOL. I'll shiv you with this corkscrew, or maybe the saw.
  20. Thats not assistance though, i guess i am assisting you right now then if that were true.
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