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  1. You were expecting something else? Also, see above edit.
  2. No different then i think about christians, muslims, buddahists, etc. Whats your views on these palestinian shenanigans?
  3. I favor that it should never have been created, however anything else then a two state solution now is simply unviable, even if i believe in a single palestinian country from the mediteranian to the dead sea.
  4. Its what i think and am hoping for.
  5. Another article http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=5950 What does everyone think will happen, i think hamas takes over, including the west bank as well, and unifies the nationalist and religious factions into the second PLO, and we will see a rebirth of the actions during the '70's, but this time, instead now, when haniyeh returns, he will be greeted, not by the 'V' of the symbol that arafat saw as he returned from Tunis, but the index finger of the islamic movement.
  6. Well, Hamas has been better leaders then Fatah or the PLO have ever been.
  7. Maybe all this glorification will get some people to join our great sport. *Edit* I found another video
  8. The flow they had a picture of in the beginning was of 'T'-Increase.
  9. They made it 'R' though who knew sophmore debate was 'R' rated, LOL.
  10. Thats so awsome, i have to see that, and i stutter, just like the guy in the film.
  11. A china CP is sounding better as i read further into it. And i have been cutting cards from it that says private sector key to economic transformation, which in turn is key to bettering gov't which is the root cause for africa being in the situation it it. All in All it is some pretty good stuff i think. *EDIT* I'm cutting this as you read this, and so far i have got 12 pages of evidence out of 30 real pages of text
  12. SDI, gotta love it. I loved the card for nat' serve that said verbatim "the draft would cost a bajillion trillion dollars" Not thats good evidence for you right there.
  13. Good point But how would you cite this.
  14. Does anyone see a potential problem that it provides solutions for the canadian gov't?
  15. Ayyash

    Atheist Debaters

    Its like the quote from the move serenity "I dont care what you believe in, just believe in something"
  16. I've been there once, it was pretty good.
  17. http://www.hookah-bars.com/WA.htm
  18. I think there is a jamba juice, dont ask me where though.
  19. Alas, just as well i guess.
  20. ya, his neice. He talked about how we need to help the worlds health, and the smallest bit has a big impact. And all i could think was, i wish i remembered a tape recorder so i could cut this.
  21. Dude, Bill Gates just came and spoke at my schools graduation ceremony.
  22. Nope as any resource given in forms of aid through the USFG could easily be valued as some type of resource that the corrupt official would want, and so take.
  23. It could be run as both, but would require specific tooling either way.
  24. Well technically competition could be considered a base desire i.e. the id, but functionally i think that the term 'ego' these days has evolved into a term more applicable to what he is using, so i guess you (paradise) could be considered both wrong and right depending on how you look at it.
  25. Thats odd, i've always been afraid of that happening, but never has, i may have just jinksed myself with that last statement, But i guess it just comes down to a matter of personal preference.
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