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  1. i did a year or so ago, but i cant remember a damn thing about it though. on a related topic, has anyone read ahmediajads letter to bush? it is really very good... so here is a link.http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article12984.htm
  2. wow i was not expecting this kind of respomse, gone for two days and already 32 responces, i'll try to answewer everything (like i said i'll try) 1. i am pretty sure that cp's are allowed in wa, but only states, judges never siad anything when we ran it (early this year) 2. i think novices can handle it, but then i had the benefit of having really awsome coaches who taught us. Then also i had no free time to interfere with reading and re-underlining the core. 3. yes states suck, but if you are to include 1 cp in novice, it is best as it is pretty much all encompassing and relatively simple. i can see how they are confusing and can get very, very fucked up in novice, but i mean take some initiave when you first get to jv and run up against an exclusion CP, it is not going to be fun if its your first time against a CP. So i say, get in all practice as possible. Also be wiley, bend the rules, so your CP is kindof a cp but is different in a way.
  3. when i was in novice, i never saw a CP ran. Why is this? I started wondering and then i decided to run some. And guess what no one had any idea how to handle them. i swear 80% of people just dropped them. so in the 2nr i just said, why not do it, there is no solvency deficit and we avoid 'X. Y, and Z' d/a's. so here is some advice, RUN THE FREAKIN' STATES CP Edit: i was unaware that some states actually bar Cp's in novice, my mistake, in WA the states cp is allowed, so i wrote this under that assumption.
  4. first of all, this is very, very confusing but i'll do my best. There is an equation for a perm to work (for all the math nerds), but i'm not sure exactly what it is. Plan+CP(Perm) must be greater then the CP alone. so they can only perm it if a) its actually realistic to do so and the plan is still a good thing. in numbers it would look like this ---if the plan is still good: 5 (plan) + 5 (CP)=10 ---however if the plan is bad, due to d/a's then -5 (plan with d/a's) + 5 (CP) = 0 so if the aff can effectively dissprove the d/a's or weigh them, then they can perm with a hope. The burden is on the neg to say that the d/a's outweigh the case benefits (the reson for doing a CP in the first place) back to the original questions, just read some genaric answers on why a) perms=bad and b)why policy-making should only be aff.
  5. well there is a song by justin timberlake that says we need to bring sexy back. well, first its f/x topicality so from what i here it goes like this "we need to bring sexy back right now, you cant pay someone to bring sexy back or instiute a policy that will bring sexy back in 5 years, that is what your plan is doing, bringing sexy back by having it comeback because something else happened. I also heard that the same people came up with a 'fergeliscios' topicality that i have no idea what the heck it.
  6. well, if in the 1ac you say you 'establish a new policy' the inc will stand up and say, exactly,concede, here is why establish means to make firm"
  7. exactly, brink it saying that a short term money loss makes the econ collapse, (insert mead '92 here), then say that prevents the gain later.
  8. i dont know if this has been posted yet, i'm to lazy to check the back files beyond a page or so, so here goes... sexy-back T: i heard about this at whitman from my coach who judged the round. apparently it is a version of f/x t
  9. i run on pure adrenili and bags of licorice, its kind of tradition for me to practiccly inhale black liccorice, this coupled with addrenilin and 2 liters of coke make me very skittish, i'm already very skittish without them, but on a debate day a flinch at everything and some of me is always constantly moving.
  10. okay, i have to answer that, i did my term paper the day it was due, forgot to turn it in, ended up turning it in near the end of june, with nothing taken off point-wise. ended up getting s 'B' on it. on topic When you spend all night friday and saturday, who else are you going to date? Also if i was dating a non-debater, i'd always look down upon them with a condescending attitude i must admit. However if there is a breakup, it will fuck up the debate team wihich is the surrma bonum
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