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  1. We were in oregon, some little green shitty place
  2. Where are you, on that little bluff thingie?
  3. Actually i was not in spokane or spokane county, as far as i know, it was completely legal. P.S. Its actually a 513 $ fine in the spokane area.
  4. I was up in between northport and kettle falls lighting off a crud load of fireworks. Plus i bet a bunch of people were not to keen on fireworks after what happened by long lake.
  5. That and the fact my parents wont let me do the 4-week.
  6. Camp in a week, woo.
  7. Ayyash


    Who's downloading it?
  8. You got my hopes up and then you crushed them, like a baby seal under a steam roller.
  9. What the hell is salon.com, i'd go to it, but it sounds bad.
  10. Believe me, that site is not all iranians and egyptians, there are a good deal of israelis and americans whom i argue with all the time.
  11. Like i said, i dont want to discuss it here.
  12. I had the mistake of leaving it in my teachers classroom, so when i came back, written on it by the dumbass 9th grade english class wrote "chads book box" on it (chad being the debate coach), so the mighty talking box (see below) was defaced forever, or at least 'till i muster up the energy to paint over it. I'll try to get some batteries for the digital camera so i can show you the sheer horror of it all.
  13. I could go on for hours about that, but like i said before, in intrest of staying on topic, i'll link you to a thread where i did go on for hours and hours (page 17 or 19 is about where i join in)->http://www.irandefence.net/showthread.php?t=6772
  14. I Reeeealy dont want to get into this with you guys again, but here goes, Egypt acheived all goals and israel suffered far more substantial losses then egypt. There, now that thats said, i'm say no more in the intrest of keeping this thread on topic.
  15. I say "ham", its the nickname given to an ex-partners(debate that is) little sister by a friend, but the ex-partner says he never remembers it. Our cat is simply called cat. We thought it would die so we never gave it a propper name, but it managed to live whereas its sister got picked up by an owl or other such animal.
  16. Oooh, and even better, it says Israel won the October war (know as the Yom Kippur war to some, 1973)
  17. Ok, i know some people support israel, but this is just ridiculous Also, under the "Israel" page, the links/sources consists of... (keep in mind this is verbatim) -Internet jewish history sourcebook -Welcome to Israel (for kids) -Ways to support israel And then the page about the Iraq war is horrible, it is just so sad that people actually believe that stuff.
  18. I ride my bike over there all the time now that i tried it.
  19. On genocide, both groups, (HAMAS and Israel) both advocate 'genocide' of each other, Hamas has it in the charter as you so eagerly pointed out, however in Israel, there is a systimatic effort to dehumanize palestinians, and drive them off the land by force. On the issue of dehuminization, this occurs through forcing all palestinian-israelis to wear a special ID card identifying them as such, and drive with special liscense plate identifying them as such. Let us not forget Meir's famous quote about what more are palestinians then beasts on two legs. Also Israel forcfully takes land from farmers (in a direct breach of the geneva conventions, and gived it to religious zealots who then carry around automatic weapons and shoot at palestinian towns, in 'response' to gunmen who never materialize, and the settelers are then never punished by israeli law, unless you consider community service punishment for pistol-whipping an 11-year old to death. Also, Israel excersises a policy of continued deportation with regards to well, pretty much everyone. On the whole legitamacy of the state, we cannot hold them as the same, the geneva conventions have seperate laws, but still as strong for non-state actors as those in the OT. We must treat them seperatly b/c they are seperate and Israel is not engaged in a state of "Total War" which means you are fighting for your survival and hence, anything and everything goes. However Israel is not in a state of "Total War" in its occupation of the territories, and so it held to higher standards. This is a perfectly legitimate policy i may add. On the last post, there is only infighting, fatah only stands because of israeli and western aid, like i said before, if the two sides were supported equally, then HAMAS would be in total control of the goverment. And of a land that is not even theirs? How dare you say that, what country was created out of an arab majority and had to have millions come from all around the world to build a demographic majority. Before 1948, Palestine was an Arab territory, and it still should be an arab country.
  20. I'll agree with the first part about the secret funding. I'll even go so far as to say that the actions may have set the timeframe back, in the short run. But only in the short run. If fatah was always in power, then true peace would never have existed. The PA would always be a proxy of the IDF, Israel would always have control over water, land, air rights in the OT. In short palestinians would always have existed as occupied without rights. However, by hamas forcing israel to truly recognize palestine as a autonomous entity, only then can the attaining of rights begin. Yes, i fully agree that in the short term, israel may crack down harder on the territories, and more people will die. However, like i said above, it is the long term that matters. When the world continually sees pictures like that of faris odeh and mohammed al-durra, the palestinians gain international sympathy, and the whold world, besides of course, america are seeing those pictures and are comiserating with the palestinian david vs. the israeli goliath, even if that is not taking into account palestinian terror. And because of the terror attacks, a large portion of israelis are now pushing for disengagment from the occupies territories. Whether we like it or now, terrorism is an effective tool for policy change by those entities (i.e. hamas) who have no other viable alternative. Now that is ridiculous, the economy is bad b/c of israels subjugation and curfews. Do you think britain should not have withdrawn from its colonies because the colonies had no economies besides that of mercantilism. No. And it is obvious that the majority of the people support hamas, it is only through israel and america helping out fatah, can they even begin to start. Notice in all the videos, hamas is using russian weapons, while fateh is using american buit m-16's. The oslo accords were a joke, nothing more, under that israel would still retain rights over, private israeli roads, all border crossings (exclusively), water rights, and air rights, and still have lots of control over internal politics, autonomy. I'll have to answer the rest later.
  21. First hamas is not nationalistic, but that is hardly important. Secondly, i find it ironic that you call hamas genocidal when the ration of dead israelis to palestinians is 8-1. I find it funny how everyone is using the term 'genocide' to describe the actions of the palestinians when many more of them are killed then israelis.
  22. I've seen stuff that says china can give health assistance and it wants to. I dont know why people would even consider it illigit.
  23. Wow, that is a remarkably well informed point of view i more-or-less agree with. At betty, how would you feel if you were promised a country after years of colonialism, and then, because of something someone did on another continent, you had half your land taken away from you and given to the people who had been bombing the british for years. If i were the arabs, i'd be pretty darned pissed off.
  24. That seems to be the view of man people on our team. Those that even know where israel is that is.
  25. Wait, i though america jr was canada.
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