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  1. CONGRATS HALLE AND MIAH!!! I'm so proud of both teams in finals, Chicago UDL is got this on lock.
  2. Chucks


    Walter Payton is sending two teams 1.) Charlie Curran and Tim Bingham 2.) Halle Apy and Jeremiah Pickert
  3. CLM Lab 2008! I don't know about ya'll - but i'm having a blast. UNT is awesome for those mature enough to play by the rules. Sincerely yours, 711 run '08. a.k.a. (Charlie, Natalie, Phil, Farhad, Bradley, Kristiana, Andrew, Amy, David.)
  4. Found this on youtube, thought everyone might like it . - Charlie
  5. Any updates on the videos being posted, I'm really excited to see the final round.
  6. Hey, Do you need any help posting the videos, I've had a lot of experience producing/digitally distributing movies, and would be more than happy to help in any technical facility I could.
  7. Whoops - my bad. Can one of the mods change that? Guess I'm just too excited for next year...
  8. Hey, With things about to start, I thought it might be nice to have a thread to post pairings/records as they become known. - Charlie
  9. On the Z's juniors thread they said "We will have acceptances out within a week after the April 15th deadline." so...I don't know, they might be on different schedules?
  10. So I had heard that acceptance letters would go out a week from the admissions cuttoff date, which was the 15th. That would make the 22nd the day people start hearing if they got in or not. I'm wondering, has anyone heard back from Z's yet?
  11. So of the people going to Z's, how many are planning on attending CNDI Reagents and Z's Seniors back to back?
  12. Does anyone know when the first wave of admissions will be going out now that the deadline is past?
  13. Hmm, I can't find it either...but I remember reading it at the beginning of the year, as he taught at Wake Forest where I went to camp. Perhaps I read a hardcopy in the Debaters Research Guide he wrote. Anyone else know of any digital copies of the 2007-8 High School Topic?
  14. Sure. http://www.planetdebate.com/cxguide/...ogjump=130&i=x (if you were referring to the topic analysis for this year's resolution, I don't know where that link is, but I assume you could find it easily enough on planetdebate in the same section as the link above.)
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