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  1. How would you structure a plan to solve for desiring Whiteness?
  2. Updated...will Little Rock be disclosing now?
  3. Updated list with Highland Park and Jesuit. Again the link is http://roundupcasebook.wikispaces.com/
  4. Try again. I changed it so now anyone can edit, not just members. That's according to the latest list I've received, there will likely be more.
  5. Aff posting time. http://roundupcasebook.wikispaces.com/
  6. Thanks - exactly what I was looking for.
  7. Thanks for your help - The person who pointed me in the direction of the Callahan card was mistaken then - what I'm looking for is an impact to individual freedom - why its important - that upholding freedom and political rights is the greatest concern, and in its absence really bad stuff can happen. If you're aware of any, I'd greatly appreciate it.
  8. Does anyone have the card for this cite? Daniel Callahan '73 (Director of the Institute for Society, Ethics, and Life Science, The Tyranny of Survival, p.91-93) Know any other good freedom (specifically political/individual freedom) impact cards?
  9. Justin, I really liked your explanation. Does anyone have a copy of the UTNIF Heidegger file they wouldn't mind emailing to me? (xian0422@gmail.com) I'm interested in looking at a few of those cards. Thanks.
  10. I simply just dislike disads because--as hard as they try--they often aren't real world and I personally feel that critical arguments have more educational value. But that can be debated. If you're reading a narrative affirmative for actual social change, then I think you need to reexamine what policy debate is. I feel (and I'm sure a good majority of other debaters would agree with me) that the two primary purposes of debate are education and competition. I honestly don't believe that you standing up in the 1AC and reading your narrative is going to lead to a solution to your problem. And then why hate disads? If you're insanely serious about your narrative aff, then take the legit disads as problems with your plan that either need to be avoided or fixed. I would like to know what you read on the negative. Do you just not deliver a 1NC, like what you seem to be urging other teams to do?
  11. Is the alternative to reject capitalism or embrace Marxism?
  12. I tried searching, but nothing really answered my question... Can someone explain CP competitiveness? Specifically the difference between competing through net-benefits and competing on a functional level...what does "functional level" mean? Thanks
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