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  1. Congratulations to St. Marks MB and Westmonster TA, those kids wrecked, and will continue to do so into the future. gotta give a shout out to Markoff, ending a phenomenal debate career and leaving Bronx Science as their winningest debater in history.
  2. idontkknow

    NY States

    Whoz Redy 4 A Prty?
  3. idontkknow

    NY States

    Monticello BB (Nicky B and Tony BiziG) that will be all. xD Mad schools are not going. Edgemont is.
  4. Monticello BB (Bisignano + Burton) Monticello AB (Aguire + Behrent)
  5. idontkknow


    last year was the first year they offered JV. There was no qualification on being JV team, so it was basically decided by how quickly you registered. That is why a varsity team won JV harvard last year.
  6. idontkknow

    Big Lex

    Evan Sweet's status (facebook) indicates that Beacon DF won
  7. idontkknow

    Big Lex

    Poppin' out some fat congrats on Beacon DF. Those boys dropped some hard bid rounds this year, but took out Edgemont A and top seeded Hooch en route to finals. Congrats guys Stellar job to Melvin on top speaker and getting to finals. That makes it two years in a row if i remember correctly. You da man, congrats on the bid
  8. idontkknow

    Big Lex

    I feel ya, my point was not about Policy but debate team in general. Didn't know they still had one up north.
  9. idontkknow

    Big Lex

    Otter Valley? To the best of my knowledge they have not had a program since i was a Freshman...
  10. A results packet should have gone out in every teams ballot folder
  11. 2 seed Stuyvesant KH defeated 9 seed Edgemont MX on a 5-0 decision Stuy was aff, Food stamps. 4 advantages, econ being the only one talked about. Edge went 4 off and case. T-minor repair, States CP, Federalism, Cap, and on case Solvency and Econ advantage. Block was 8 minutes on Cap, then 3-ish on T, then another 2 minutes of Cap FW and Perm. 2NR was Cap. Judges voted on the perm solving for the K. Main criticism was that the block spent a lot of time making links but they were conceding too many things on the flow. Congrats to Sandesh Kataria and Andrew Huang for winning the Kaiser, and congrats to Issac Marshall and Helen Xu on reaching finals.
  12. Jack Chong Brenda Doan Lakeland Sandesh Kataria Andrew Huang Stuyvesant are 3-0 as far as I know.
  13. They are not, they have SAT conflicts.
  14. Kylah Broughton Ivelisse Tirado Newark Science Jean Camacho Luis Carrera Newark Science Christine Poveda Devane Murphy Newark Science Alexa White Suliat Olusanya Newark Science Ana Calizo Sara Oliveira Eastside (Newark) Diana Alarez Michael Maldonado Technology High School Ross Eglow Siddarth Ravishankar Millburn Jonah Gornick Eli Gold The Beacon School Henry Osman Evan Sweet The Beacon School Alex Eacker Tim Arden The Beacon School Alex Neiman-Zych Gabe Richman The Beacon School Shagun Kukreja Vida Chiri University Omer Bhatti Sean Hammond University Queen Lou Allen Amna Tariq University Jacob Azrilyant Lyra DeCastro Brooklyn Technical Irfa Khan Joygill Moriah Brooklyn Technical Abhay Bansal Leyla Bayat Edgemont HS Ethan Kempner Krishan Mistry Edgemont HS Rebecca Gold Joanna Lee Edgemont HS Benjamin Feig Ashish Shrestha Edgemont HS Anik Chaudhry Stanly Mathew Edgemont HS Isaac Marshall Helen Xu Edgemont HS Daniel Bernstein Zak Palamino Edgemont HS Matt Challes Baasil Shariff NFA Chris Irish Alexandra Morehead NFA Stephanie McCormick Stavan Shukla NFA Jack Chong Brenda Doan Lakeland Anisa Tocilla Suraina Dias Lakeland Sandesh Kataria Andrew Huang Stuyvesant Michael Lavina Varun Sharma Stuyvesant Angela Fan Daniel Frankel Stuyvesant Kevin Zhen Garreth O'Brien Stuyvesant Thomas Ron Kevin Kim Stuyvesant Lucian Li Daniel Hayeem Stuyvesant Khairaah Davis Aqeel Muhammad West Side High Daniel Park Brendan Eappen Weston Jade Kreissler Tim Wigginton Kempsville Jazir Beckford Quamir Johnson American History Sherri Morrell Emilio La Fontaine American History Cody Kindle Jacob Warner Cathedral Prep School The JV field was too small, so we combined it with the Varsity field.
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