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  1. I'm working on a Turkey Aff as well. Collaborate?

  2. I've never met anyone else who knew the proper use of the word 'janky'. It is for this reason only you have my respect. I see where you're coming from on bondgraham but i dont think you are 100% right. anti-nuclear nuclearism is only a bad thing because we hold onto our nukes. if we spread anti-prolif rhetoric AND take steps towards disarming ourselves, we're headed in the right direction. i think a better argument against bondgraham is that plan just represents one of the small "substantive commitments to disarm" that we use to manipulate other nations. i mean, it's 90 baby nukes. removing them is a political maneuver if i've ever seen one. inherency problems? http://www.nytimes.com/2010/03/05/world/europe/05armenia.html and a bit of backlash http://www.csmonitor.com/World/Middle-East/2010/0317/Armenian-genocide-talk-has-Turkey-threatening-to-expel-Armenians unless you are going to garner some serious advantages off this genocide thing, seems like you'd be ahead to just.. you know. remove some troops from iraq.
  3. haha! alright man. very insightful, thank you for sharing your innate and infallible sense of correctness with us. if you decide to put that superior knowledge and judgement to use and contribute something other than insults, feel free.
  4. You think that's abusive, wait till you see my framework. http://www.mediafire.com/?omjmym20jgq if this actually turns into anything, i'll start a google group to make collab easier and turn it over to whoever does the most work since i'm graduating this year. Actually, I might just use the cross-x lab group. Even though it's been flooded with porn ads of late.
  5. violation? nukes are definitely military and definitely present. if you are basing this off of framers intent, the topic doc said “we should find the best phrasing to focus on forces, not weapons.” but this was simply a goal (and obviously not one which was accomplished with the current wording). by the way, pm me your email address man. good deal. i'll let you know when the rough draft is up.
  6. also, i'm working on a remove nukes from turkey aff. if anyone wants to collab, hit me up.
  7. if you have to use the word 'thereby' to get topical, you probably aren't. this is a little closer (still extra-t): Plank 1: All U.S. military forces stationed in South Korea, Japan, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iraq, and Turkey will have their weapons replaced with garden implements and a bag of weed seed. Plank 2: All U.S. military bases and airfields in South Korea, Japan, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iraq, and Turkey will be converted to greenhouses. Plank 3: MREs will be doubled in size and include one snack-pack of Cool Ranch doritos. also, http://www.mediafire.com/i/?wmnmmmmjqrn classic.
  8. bergene petrisin determann falzone adamski mcclure zamora kringlie smith harker kelleher kennedy lynch and jewdeez and us
  9. someone give me about a one-sentence summary of what went down in finals?
  10. Hmmm... memories. Throwing up every five minutes on the way to Alta. Getting our shit handed to us by Mario at Alta ("wait... you guys ran a K?") Any trip that Bob wasn't driving the bus turned out disastrous... I'll never forget the look on that old lady's face as we ran over her car in forward and reverse. Turning off lights and phones and running a Conservation K at state. Hanging out inside the trophy cabinet at one of the Casper meets. We have Schell '82 taped to the lid of one of our tubs... the many looks and laughs I'd get dramatically whipping the lid off during the 2AR and launching into some epic impact calc. David and Kacey holding hands during cross-x. The infamous Smackdown blocks. Defending not just Avery '94 in finals but also the 90's as a whole. Rocko's Modern Life FTW. And the odd outsider feeling of being in Green River during districts, but unable to compete. Its so weird to be outside the competition... you really see things differently. EDIT: oh shit lets not forget about winning on a Buddhism K against the Kingdom of God aff.
  11. I assume everyone has heard by now, but the decision came down to not allow Worland to compete. The official reason was that it would set a precedent and then the other seven Wyoming schools that were snowed out of their national qualifiers would come rushing down to Colorado and overburden the RMS district. I'd like to point out that between all seven of those schools, there is probably a grand total of five CX teams. We're talking about places like Shoshoni (population 500). Not a single other school even had plans to go to Colorado, and if they did decide to, the "burden" could have been split between the North and South districts. The decision seemed pretty capricious to me. But oh well. We emptied the expandos today. The bonfire is this weekend. RIP junior year.
  12. The decision is still up in the air on this by one of the forensics Big Cheeses. I believe (hope) that the decision he reaches will be to allow our team to compete at RMS, minus the kid who has already competed at Wind River. Speaking of Wind River... If they can get two qualifiers when they only had seven teams, surely the rules can be bent enough for us in return.
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