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  1. I'm very pleased to see this.
  2. I've changed my mind from above. Rubaie raises some sound arguments for supporting the idea of an award. I would completely support the idea, if a proper system could be figured out.
  3. It wasn't as much as a defense for a best team award, just a call for a different viewing of how the idea of a best team is determined in the state.
  4. 1. No. The BCS is just awful. 2. Using that logic and applying it to this situation. (State and DCI existing) Then all the teams in the NCAA tournament should have also gotten to go the the NIT and have another go at it. See what I mean? There's not a big enough difference between DCI and another DCI tournament that a lot of the top teams were at, say WaRu or THigh or whatever else has become a big tournament halfway or 2/3 of the way through the year in my absence. The logic that this one arbitrary tournament ultimately decides this is unsound. That's why if there was ever a want to decide the best team (Which shouldn't happen. I much prefer ego inflation that isn't sponsored by the community) there should be a point system (I don't mean turn to the bid system) instead of relying on 2 big tournaments or just DCI. While VCU may have played well in tournament, I would have liked to see them play Kansas 2 or 3 times and see who the victor is.
  5. Yes the good old days where debaters went for consult or dedev every round and ran politics da's.
  6. Double post!!! I would shut up if the old black and orange format was brought back. The changing of colors does nothing to make reading easier and that was the only reason i ever switched to the black and orange format. THe blue and white (or new colors) hurts my eyes to read. The font isn't dark enough. again though, subjective.
  7. BECAUSE CHANGE IS FOR THE HIPPIE LIBERALS!!! Nah because I grew accustomed to the old one over the last 5 years and actually find the font and just overall style of the new site a bit off putting as it kind of resembles other sites. Cross-x used to kind of have it's own feel, idk that's also completely subjective. I'm all for a rebuild though and will prolly grow accustomed to it. Maybe it was the sadness of my years passing me by. GOD IS THIS WHAT OLD PEOPLE FEEL???!!!!! MAKE IT STOP!!!!!!!
  8. Dubois, the only problem with this is this idea in Kansas that DCI or state automatically proves without a doubt who is the best debater or best team just because of number of bids or who wins. I think this is bull hockey. Just because you have 9 bids to the TOC doesn't mean a 3 bid team isn't just as good. Some teams don't go to only DCI tournaments. Some teams are terrible in front of tech judges and some are terrible in front of lays. While DCI does decide who can debate the best in front of different judges that weekend, it doesn't speak to performance on a whole. Here's a situation: one team consistently beat up on another all year maybe losing a squirrel on a panel every now and then. Then DCI roles around and the one partner from the first party becomes sick and maybe can't speak as well or cover the same amount of arguments that they could have in full health, drops something important accidentally and the team that has lost 3 or 4 times picks up a win at the tournament that decides who is the best. Does this mean the latter team is better and more deserving of the term best in Kansas. Kinda a specific scenario but I know you could extrapolate that out to many different and very realistic scenarios. So then we get to "well the first party in the above maybe had 4 more bids than the latter, so that will settle who is better." If I remember correctly the team that won my senior year didn't have the highest number of bids, and 2 of the top 4 teams were barely in the top 10 in bids. (I could be wrong with Garden City, but I know we weren't with only 3) I'm not disagreeing that these tournaments single out the better teams from that year's crop, but it doesn't speak to performance for the whole year and take things like speaks (which doesn't matter as the last time I heard Kansas still operated mostly without quality points, something I will never understand) or individual tournament records, or important wins into consideration. Now that this rant is over, I'm not sure I support singling out a debater and stroking his ego to the tune of a big trophy is in any way a good idea. I just wanted to point out the flawed logic behind letting just one tournament decide everything unquestionably. So overall this post is worthless with no points correlating to the actual topic, so please everyone ignore it. edit: if you don't want to read this probably slightly incoherent babble, the argument is; in no way does the one tournament of DCI unquestionably decide who the best is. Anyone can have a good tournament that weekend. The only reason it speaks to them being good is because there is a qualification process just to even be there. At best DCI says "these are the "best" 32 (or however many qual) teams this year" One more edit: i did not read a single post past the one quoted. I think the TOC has made me argumentative
  9. Coming from a college student's ever changing and evolving world, this change saddened me quite a bit.
  10. Githens09

    KCKCC Warmup

    well seeing as in Kansas only teams that qualified are allowed to compete after state I'd say only they can compete
  11. 41 minutes left in the auction. please say the last bid was from someone on here.
  12. Volen, an answer is on it's way.....just a 10 page essay, a midterm, and glenbrooks is getting in the way. But when I do, you can bet that it'll be a doosey.
  13. Githens09


    I know. I graduated from Olathe North 2 years ago.
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