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  1. No! It is a big deal! These people have been working so hard, day in and day out, and for what? To be ignored by their fellow debaters? How dare you! I will not rest until these fine, strapping young people get the recognition they so surely deserve!
  2. Hey, why don't you give these guys a little credit? All I see are posts under the Denver districts, and they have been working just as hard as anyone. They're still going to Nats. God bless.
  3. From what I've heard, he was last seen babbling about "orientalism," or something like that, saying he was going to "cut the file to end all files." That was six weeks ago. No one's seen him since. Or so I've heard.
  4. Guys, wait, wait... I think we're all wandering away from the topic at hand here: wangs. Lots and lots of wangs. Yes, wangs. Seriously, the size of the penis outweighs all.
  5. To answer Will's question, I went to Guadalupe High School in Southern Austin. Anyway, I called my buds in Austin last night, and they told me about how one of the FoCo teams could be, how should I say this..."friendly" with each other. Not like it matters or anything, but I was wondering if this would be an appropriate subject to bring up? Take care, Joel G.
  6. Hey, everybody! My name is Joel Goodson, and I'm attending Fossil Ridge High School after moving here from Austin, TX. I debated all throughout high school, and I'm looking forward to the wonderful world of CX debate as a junior. I'm super psyched to be diving right back into debate, and this should be a fun year! However, one thing is troubling me. Before I left for Fort Collins, my teammates and coaches gave me a somewhat ominous warning about "those Fort Collins kids," specifically the teams from Fort Collins High School. So, that got me thinking: who are these guys? What do they look like? What do they run? What should I look out for? Any info is greatly appreciated! Take care, Joel G.
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