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    K Framework

    my partner and i run a K framework that talks about we should redefine and reestablish our personal relationship with the government, not between individuals ie debaters. In that case, how would i answer common policy framework args like McClean, Coverstone, Ignatieff, Shively? Can i just say we dont take a stance on states good/bad, roleplaying good/bad , or even policy making is good/bad to answer these common evidence, and that all we do is prioritize our relationship with the govt?
  2. Can any one give me some pointers as to running Consult NATO on the Neg? Are there any tricks or args that i should run with it? And, i desperately need a card that says NATO will say yes to African aid...anyone have any ideas where i can find that? (besides camp files that is)...THANKS in advance
  3. The aff is only expanding the end strength of the military without guarantee of personnel increase.
  4. sorry...another aff case question... At last week's tournament, my partner and i also went against an end strength aff that expands the military's end strength. This is what we ran... Increase T Fed Gov. T Generic DA - spending and overstrech I wonder what other strategies we can use if we go against another end strength aff again? Thx.
  5. I've a ton of questions from last week's tournament... In last week's tournament, my partner and i went against a navy aff that another school put together. Basically, the aff calls for an increase of personnels in the navy and their advantage is 1. secure oil in Iran (or Iraq, somewhere in the middle east) and 2. secure peace between China and Taiwan (something about unstable Chinese conflicts). My partner and i were completely creamed! Can anyone help us figure out what to run if we go against it again. Thx!
  6. What are some strategies that the neg can use against a performance aff?
  7. i'm a novice debater that just started debate. me and my partner are planning to run coast guard and linguist. What are some possible arguments out there that we should look out for? (coast guard and linguist are 2 different aff cases that we have!) Plan: the usfg should provide all necessary funding to the coast guard to solve the human capital shortfall. Plan: the usfg should provide linguists with military status in order to attract linguists to join. (iraq and africa scenario)
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