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  1. my name is brad bolman. I'm tentatively available for CFL and NFL, though this is contigent as all things are. I debated at both tournaments in high school and broke at CFL twice. I'm now at harvard. I'm a freshman. I qualified for the NDT, won a tournament, placed well at others. If you're at all curious and have a competitive offer, I know things about the philosophiez and I cut alright policy cards. I coached Pembroke Hill last year and debated there before. message me or b b o l m a n [at] gmail [.] com. cool.
  2. I was just curious if any graduates this year are considering debating in college besides ole Tom-cat and myself, since I don't really know anyone in the state anymore.
  3. Well Missouri has two schools bearing the banner this year. To keep up-to-date, you can follow PembrokeDebate on Twitter or me (bbolman). I may post here occasionally, but it's likely that any news will be kept in the Twittosphere.
  4. I think it's a good sign that it took you a little while to notice. (I lol-ed while writing it more)
  5. Real Categories: tomtomtomtomtomtomtomtomtom I think some of them Eastern Mo folk are good, I just haven't watched anyone this year. Same for the 'Loo. But seriously, Tom. Also, anyone not putting "Brad Bolman" for most admired coach does not appreciate the linkage between cards spoken from the mouths of Pembroke debaters and my copy of Microsoft Word 2011. Other Categories Best Politics Disad: Barstow's Congressional Rules = Human Rights Violations DA. Second-Best Politics Disad: The START DA after START was passed in Congress which beat one Pembroke team. Most Likely to Bipolar Yell at and Hug a Debater at the Same Tournament: Douglas Miller Most Likely to Run the Referendums CP: Raymond Fang and Sid Goel Least Likely to Wear Fitting Clothes: Mihir Vedantam Most Likely to Post on Cross-X: Ben Reid Worst Argument Thomas Won On: Presumption vs. the Kuwait Aff (against which there were 0 actual cards in his files because, I quote, "I didn't have time to research that.") Best Judge Reason a Pembroke Debater Lost This Season: "I don't like when the Indian kid talks about veterans." Runner-Up: "I think the neg won on T." (They were Neg) Second-Runner-Up: "Neg has no evidence that there is a base in Kuwait." Most Likely Debater to Claim "We, Too, Could Have Gotten Four TOC Bids This Year, It Isn't That Hard.": Most Likely to Ask For the Location of the Nietzsche File Near to or During a Lay Tournament: Sid Goel. Most Likely to Fall for the Claim that Missouri Recently Added a Rule Allowing Mid-Tournament Partner Swaps: Peter Vale Best Missouri Team I Judged: Marshtow, it's a tie. Some Quotes: http://www.xtranormal.com/watch/7975575/?listid=18919309
  6. So CJ or someone will have to fill in actual data, but one Barstow team received its first bid to the TOC tonight @ Omaha, as well as two other teams receiving ghost bids. This is the first bid in Barstow's history (I believe), so it's sick to see this state starting to get generally competitive on the circuit. Congrats!
  7. anonymoose

    KCKCC Results

    Pembroke d. SME on a 2-1 in finals. Awesome showing for SME in general and especially the sophomore team.
  8. Pembroke just won on a 2-1, first dropped ballot of the tournament. Swell job to Mihir and Thomas.
  9. Missouri has now had the top speaker at KCKCC two years in a row. Let's keep it up, everyone.
  10. Nearly all of Pembroke's cites are available on the NDCA wiki. No fear. If anything is missing, feel free to contact either of us.
  11. Sir Thomas Hodgman and Mihir "The Destroyer" Vedantem took 5th place and lost in quarterfinals on a 2-1 at St. Marks this weekend. Tom was also 13th speaker. Big ups.
  12. My philosophy is on the same website where Ben's is. I don't know how many tournaments I'll be at, just figured I'd let people know.
  13. Howdy Kansas, Pardon me if there is some area for this already, but I'm new to your ways. My name is Brad, I debated in Missouri for The Pembroke Hill School. I'm debating my first year for Harvard this year, but since I'm on a gap year, I'll be at my home for most of the time. Which means: I can judge/coach for you (probably). I'm pretty convenient, I'm happy to help out at all levels, and I have a lot of experience with both local (tradish/lay/whatever) debate and also the faster, sexy cousin (national circuit/speed/whatever) debate. I don't have extraordinary accomplishments, but for those interested: 4 bids to the TOC, semi-finals at the Missouri state tournament, double-octofinalist and octa-finalist at CFLs, one time to NFL. My email is bbolman [at] gmail [dot] com. Feel free to contact me about anything and we can work it out. BOOM.
  14. anonymoose


    He's right. No hard feelings. We've debated thrice, you've won twice, more power to you. I just publicly love Tom.
  15. anonymoose


    Thomas Hodgman's evidence production > your evidence production.
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