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  1. i believe there is already a thread for this
  2. thanks, correction noted, it was a typo
  3. Varsity Policy Results Quarters NFA BK defeated Bronx HG on a 3-0 Decision NFA BP defeated Bronx SY on a 3-0 Decision Bronx GB walked over Bronx IK Bronx ME walked over Bronx PL Semis NFA BP walked over NFA BK Bronx ME walked over Bronx GB Finals NFA BP defeated Bronx ME on a 2-1 Decision There were only 18 teams in the division but due to the large amount of Bronx Science Teams there were 6 teams who were 4-1 or better
  4. I know this is a bit late, but who is planning on attending/ wants to go, Newburgh will have 4 teams in the varsity division
  5. After Round 5 Kinkaid NR 5-0 Westminster GT 4-1 Damien EB 5-0 Bronx MB 5-0 NFA BK 4-1 Hooch LR 4-1
  6. J426

    NY States

    Well I stand corrected then, I was unaware that Stefan was running the tournament. The reasons I learned for which Newburgh has never attended the state tournament in the past (since the early 90s) was due to the fact that it was poorly run, I dont know who was running it then. However both Lakeland and Harvard were run excellently so I am wrong about the state tournament and will ask Kaz about attending it next year.
  7. J426

    NY States

    knowing how big and well run the state tournament usually is, 2 teams wont be a surprise
  8. J426

    NY States

    Newburgh will not be attending
  9. Round 3 Results Newburgh Free BP defeated Edgemont JM <<Bye>> Newburgh Free CS defeated Monticello BS Newburgh Free BK defeated Lakeland RW The teams remaining in the tournament are: NFA BK- 3-0 NFA BP- 3-0 NFA CS- 2-1 Lakeland RW- 2-1 Edgemont JM- 2-1 Since Edgemont is out of the tournament and both NFA BK and CS cannot attend the national tournament, the qualifying spots were given to Lakeland RW and Newburgh Free BP.
  10. True, but its better than running a new tournament in opposition to Michigan, a quarters bid tournament. Although few teams from the northeast go, a fair amount do so like Newburgh and Cathedral Prep. Also when the tournament is looking to grow and get bid status it will be unlikely that out of region competitors will go to Cornell instead of UMich, an already well established tournament, hurting Cornell's chances for a bid. The likelihood of Cornell getting a bid if it just gets teams from NY, NJ, MA, PA, and even some others is unlikely due to Ankurs point above that Bronx and Lakeland already have bids.
  11. what about the weekend after pennsbury and before harvard
  12. isnt hendrick hudson that weekend
  13. I didnt know scarsdale did policy
  14. Since one of the teams that qualified did not have a winning record and 3 others were 5-3, the number of teams that will qualify may decrease next year
  15. Newburgh is only sending 2. I personally am not attending
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