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  1. Northwestern. I would greatly recommend it as a camp, for a multitude of reasons. First, the staff is excellent - Copeland winners, NDT finalists/champions, etc. and they're all chill people. Also, the labs are a very manageable size (about 20 students per lab) which allows for more personalized instruction and research. While research is obviously valued (as it should be), from what I remember, library time is pretty optional in that you can work at your own pace. Lastly, Evanston itself is a chill place to be - the campus is somewhat alive because of sophomores taking summer classes and free time is pretty flexible. NDI is the difference between not breaking at major national circuit tournaments and winning elims at them. As long as you've had a moderate amount of experience debating at a varsity level, I don't think selectivity should be an issue.
  2. let's hope the 2ac also stays silent. and the block. and the other rebuttals.
  3. i think the very nature of a vdebate precludes it from being 'epic.' epic is more reserved for poems such as homer's odyssey, something heroic or grand such as any vin diesel movie, or for my dingaling.
  4. orange park medical center? ocean property medical corporation? olympic peninsula motorcycle club? or other preposterous meaningless cipher?
  5. Dayman

    CX Art Showcase

    what a clown. anyone should recognize that treble clef is upside down
  6. Kathleen Riesing (sophomore at Princeton) is looking to be hired to judge at Ohio Valley. She debated for New Trier, receiving numerous TOC bids with multiple partners. She can also help out with coaching and other services. She does not need transportation. Please contact her via email at kathleen.m.riesing@gmail.com.
  7. cal bp 92 miami 'canes me in cross-x fantasy football
  8. SF NE Atl Pitt Giants Minisoda Bmore CinciNatty ice Dallas Washington Philly San Diego Oakland Indy Jets Bears i get 12/16 right. you heard it here first.
  9. done. sorry for the delay, haven't been on cross-x for a while ps: sevv how do you like the beatdown in both baseball and football last week
  10. does google calendars (or any other online scheduling site) have a function where you can copy and paste a list of dates, and it'd automatically add it to your schedule? for example, if i wanted to integrate some concert dates or a list of debate tournaments to my personal calendar, i wouldn't have to manually add each one. if this doesn't exist yet, i'm patenting it. no stealing.
  11. whoops forgot about this draft again. not too bad a team though. im not joining the espn league because i see no point in participating in two cross-x leagues. but just a warning, online auction drafts are horrendous unless every party is present.
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