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  1. What does "ontological ethical" mean? Are you saying that there is a responsibility to be ontological?
  2. I know that ethics and ontology are traditionally separated. But through all of this discussion of technology and being, does someone have an ethical responsibility to achieve an authentic ontology?
  3. I think that you can gain some access to solvency by arguing that exucating women will increase the standard of living. I'm not sure if you could find evidence that says a good standard of living will be able to produce the kind of solvency that you need to access your gender advantages. And I'm sure that there is a law review out there arguing that educating women will stop female genital mutilation (stop using acronyms) by empowering them.
  4. Is 'sub-Saharan Africa' a mass noun? Do you think its topical to specify one country?
  5. Ecofeminism and Social Ecology both critique deep ecology. Murray Bookchin for Socail Ecology and Val Plumwood for ecofeminism.
  6. Bump. Does anyone have the UTNIF Heidegger file?
  7. This sounds like a piece of an Onion article. Passionate Anarchist Fails To See How Its His Fault "I mean, what the fuck man?" Sherman Martin Austin said after being violently woken from a nap. It was four o'clock in the afternoon. But what did Austin do that was wrong? He posted information on the Internet. What information? The information in the previous link was published by this Republican. It is the exact content that Mr. Austin went to prison for. The lesson: a Republican can do the same as an anarchist and no sweat — it’s all good.
  8. At what point did Foucault change from a structuralist to a photo-post-structuralist? And do you really think that he made the transition?
  9. Does anyone have pdf or text file of America's Shadow? PM me if you do.
  10. Post #13 here:http://www.cross-x.com/vb/showthread.php?t=968033&highlight=Campbell has some Campbell evidence. THe book that most of his good cards come from is called "The Deterrortilization of Responsibility."
  11. Thats all fine, but what do you mean when you say 'you don't have an alternative until you can give it context." If what you're saying about the link is true all it does is establish the ground for the alternative. I want to know how your alternative functions as per each person in the room. Does the judge vote for the status quo simply as a rejection of the affirmative? Or does the judge vote to change some kind of ideology by way of personal advocacy. Thats really all I care about right now.
  12. The argument regarding severance is interesting because severance doesn't mean that you can't provide the context for the alternative. This whole idea of contextual alternatives really all depends on your link. You can read any 'traversing the fantasy' card (merely an example) and claim any kind of solvency based on the simple fact that there is a link. The problem I'm having, or missing, is the internal link between context and stregnth of alternative. Is the stregnth of your alternative determined by some kind of personal rejection of the 1ac along with the advocacy of the alternative?
  13. You can look at Levinas for ontology bad. There is also this Campbell evidence that says ontology justifices the holocaust and Nazi stuff like that.
  14. Maybe you can clarify your argument about context. From what I gather, you're arguing that the context of paradoxes, in which military intervention is not only justified but encouraged. I can understand that, but I still don't understand you're interpretation of "traversing the fantasy," "choosing not to choose," ect. Are you arguing that your alternative is a paradox as well?
  15. Do you think that an affirmative that defines public health assistance as two terms risks being effectually topical?
  16. themotivator


    Zarathustra gives a pretty good explanation here: http://www.cross-x.com/vb/showthread.php?t=961331
  17. Yo, does anyone have any idea of the kind of mental health services that the USFG provides to Africa?
  18. Do you have a story on the mental health care situation in Africa?
  19. Yo are there any cards, outside the Zimmerman evidence, that implicate the loss of being? Cites are appreciated.
  20. Think about the argument that you're trying to make and google it. The CP you're talking about excludes a word or concept. I'm sure there is plenty of evidence that talks about that.
  21. The first two are defense and don't really generate any weight against the performative contradiction. The third argument about deconstructing dominant structures makes no sense. What about your advocacy deconstructs anything when the system that you deconstruct is the system that you actively engange and exploit to win the round. Regardless of your definition of biopower, or how good or bad biopower can be used, your act of education is as strong as the system you deconstruct. THe problem isn't from your advocacy, its from what you're asking the judge to do. You're asking them to write down the decision for the affirmative team based on an act of deconstruction but the only way that decision retains any stregnth is through an act of writing or another violence.
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