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  1. well still, i mean, if you are going to start the sequence with fire nova you should flame shock before the mob makes it in melee range but this is only a good idea if you are 17/44/0 and if you go for resto +hit just wait for the stormstrike, in the first case you'll need to have that 5 sec CD on FS so you can pop shaman rage before you start autoattack. when the tank gets at least 2 sunders start the sequence again but this time alternate SS, FS, ES in a 6 second patern until you totem timers run out then id trink to keep your mana from dropping below 70%, makes raid faster and you can pop a chain heal every now and then so they can keep heals on tank especially with the 200% dmg inc cleave. that's just imo though
  2. anyone have the file or at least aff? ill be willing to trade, PM me please
  3. how does the lie perm work with a K? i mean, i know how it works for a CP, the consultation avoids the NB but solves the case because you do it no matter what, i just dno't see how it would avoid the impact of say, disaster porn or compassion fatigue
  4. does anyone see anything wrong with putting an impact calc as early as the 1nc?
  5. FX topicality for sure if its the GHS that uses foo's that apply for college, idk i might be thinking of a different case though
  6. i need it badly, thanks in advance for help. If a camp didn't put it out it would be appreciated if you PM for a possible trade.
  7. From what i understand, the K alt is analogous to CP solvency. Also from what i understand, a CP is not an advocacy because you are not asking the judge to take an action but using the CP as an opportunity cost to show that there is a better action to take. idk though because for a K it seems more like you are advocating rejection of something or else you make the entire K meaningless. Im probably fucking something up though, please help me, thanks.
  8. can someone explain to me what the perm of doing the CP is? i mean, it kinda sounds like your saying "perm vote neg" but then again i don't really know anything. Also im sorry if this has already been explained.
  9. FX T and/or gov-gov. Link turn water wars, defense to disease. Biopower or reps on disease. Trade CP works gewd with water with w/e NB, usually use agamben or taxes=ghey.
  10. Anyone wanna disclose cases/advantages? if you're going to this tourney you should disclose or else ur dumb. i don't really give a shit about your plan text but if you wanna disclose it go for it. Wood River Babcock/Gappmayer Water Aff. Ads--1. Water wars, 2. Biodiversity, 3. Malaria, 4.AIDS Smoking aff. ads--1. Dehumanization, 2. Women's rights, 3. Corruption Gag rule K aff. ads--1. Women's rights, 2. children's rights, 3. fundamentalism.
  11. N.W.A for sure-Fuck the police, Natural Born Killaz, Gangsta Gangsta
  12. Tenny Babcock WoodRiver High school 1A/1N 2 week varsity
  13. I can't remember where, but in some book by some Italian guy, he was talking about Sisyphus, and comparing what Schopenhauer would recommend to what Nietzsche would recommend to Sisyphus's situation. I wasn't referring to Nietzsche's analysis but someone else's analysis of his. And he called Schopenhauer's recommendation passive nihilism and Nietzsche's recommendation active Nihilism. Story of Sisyphus if you don't know it already----->In Greek mythology. King of Corinth who was condemned to push a boulder up a hill for the rest of eternity (he was immortal). Every time he neared to top of the hill the boulder would fall down and he would have to push it up again for it to again, fall down.
  14. First of all, which one is better at table tennis. Can someone explain the difference between active nihilism(Nietzsche)((I think)) and passive nihilism(Schopenhauer)((i think)).
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