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  1. That one's mine. I meant nothing personal by it, I just thought it was a wacky source in the middle of other more 'straight laced' evidence that made me chuckle in-round. But caselists probably aren't the best forum for such remarks. I removed it and will refrain from making similar comments in the future. Thanks for letting me know Bruce, I don't like coming off as unprofessional. -Patrick
  2. Kids on the MI circuit are picking up rounds on Schopenhauer now? I laughed. At any rate, congrats to all, especially Dexter for winning both varsity and JV divisions and to Agne for grabbing top speaker as a 2nd year! Looks like FHN has a lot of files to cut...
  3. For the record, this is the wrong forum for this. In the future, post these requests in this thread: http://www.cross-x.com/vb/showthread.php?p=1748727#post1748727 But here it is: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?tymammwj5qm Enjoy.
  4. My team won't be making an attendance, so I'm free to cover a team's judging commitments at the Okemos (MI) tournament if anyone wishes to hire me. I'm enrolled at Michigan State University and live on campus, so the tournament is literally about 10 minutes away from my dorm. This means I wouldn't need either a ride or lodging. Also, I'm totally willing to cut evidence or updates leading up to or during the tournament as needed. I assistant coached and judged for Grand Rapids Forest Hills Northern all of last year, and also worked at the DCD tournament last weekend. I would love to help someone out! If you need to contact me, you can either private message me at this account, or email me at patrickmorris326@gmail.com Thanks for reading! -Patrick
  5. My thoughts are: it's a quarterback (Croyle) who had one good game and is going to become a backup in about a week behind Cassel vs. a 4th string wide receiver (Maclin) who isn't going to be getting any playing time until someone gets injured. It's a trade of back up for back up, there's no reason to veto it in my opinion. What are your concerns with it? As a side note, raise your hand if you expected the Philly defense to tally (wait for it...) 38.36 points. Hell, raise your hand if you expected half of that. That's more than ANY player in the league except Brees. I said Jake Delhomme was going to be awful on draft day, but this... what a gut punch. I was done before Sunday afternoon even rolled around.
  6. I got totally screwed with the 18th pick but whatever… My team- QBs: Peyton Manning: I’ll go on record as saying players like Steve Smith, Marion Barber, Brandon Jacobs, Steven Jackson, Frank Gore, and Chris Johnson shouldn’t have gone before this man. In a twenty team league, and especially in one that give six points a passing td instead of the standard four, a qb that’s a lock to hit 4,000 and 25 td (and has 40 td upside) is a huge advantage. I was very pleased that he fell to me. As far as Matt Stafford, eh, best case scenario is that by Peyton’s week six bye he’s beat out Dante ‘what am I doing here?’ Culpepper and is already throwing one or two 60 yard td bombs to Cal a game. I’d take that. Upside pick. RBs: Ouch. I mean, not very good. It’s been a few years since I’ve played fantasy football, but who the fuck is Pierre Thomas? I’ve seen him in exactly zero plays but I know he plays in a monster of an offense and closed out last season with ridiculous numbers. He seems like an RB2 to me that I’m playing as an RB1 but he was the best that was left for me from the crazy first round run on RBs. But at least he’s better than… Sammy Morris and Justin Fargas. These two mugs I do know. I mean, at least Sammy is the starter for a good offense ( who’s gonna beat him out, Maroney?). Fargas is the best back in Oakland (yes, better than McFadden) and the current starter which is insane round 10 value, but I have a feeling zombie Al Davis will push for McFadden due to his speed (that really nice 40+ yard run last night doesn’t help). WRs: Sneaky good. Vincent Jackson- is on a good offense, all the other wide receivers on that team are terrible, hopefully Gates won’t jack too many red zone passing looks from him, He’s also in a contract year and money talks. Kevin Walter- Sleeper, plays opposite stud Andre Johnson who commands a double team. Schaub loves him, Walter had the fifth most red zone targets in the entire nfl last year. Justin Gage- couldn’t believe he was there in round eight. A good flex play, will come through with some big weeks, some off weeks. Finished the season with 316 yards and a td in three games. Juaquin Iglesias- round 11 hail mary, best case he and cutler get some chemistry going and he grabs a starting job in wr depleted Chicago. Jerheme Urban- 4th string on Arizona, purely on system potential and decent returns last year. Blah, 13th round. Tight ends: Chris Cooley will be money. Don’t sleep on him because of one touchdown last year, he’s due for 5-9 this year and he had career highs in catches and yards. He was the best TE left and arguably the best receiver left. Not normally a end of the fifth round pick, but I was glad he was there. Defense: Two words: Rex Ryan. The Jets D that was good last year will be even better this year. A steal in round 7. Kickers: eh, Joe Nedney’s corpse should get me some above average points for a K. In a twelve team league this is like a C- draft. In a twenty team league I’d give it a B or B+ Other thoughts on my division: Best team: Time Cube. Pretty nasty set-up if warner comes close to last year. Two legit running backs, explosive wideouts, legit tightends, good bench. Two defenses seems like autopick stuff (Cincy?) but Dallas should be nice. OR The Moutain Goats: The other possible best team in this div. Those RBs are both 1,000 rushing potential the bench is real good, NYG is a solid D, the recievers are nice, and Tom Brady (if he's the same) caps it off. Well done. Worst team: Randy 3375. Good luck with Garrard, don't expect '07 numbers. Cal and Slaton should be good. Other starters are very blah, bench is atrocious. 2 (!) kickers and a bad defense. Autopick'd? Others (i.e. Sproles): The Fergucrats: Sproles gave us some great humor, and perhaps you'll prove us all wrong, but probably hurt an otherwise good team in this league. There are other wideouts or rbs that would've made this team pretty scary. Roster moves the day after the draft is usually a bad sign but I can't fault your replacements.
  7. Asher Haig's template. Basically the gold standard for these sorts of programs, I've never thought about using anything else. http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?jzimz5ldgzo
  8. I thought it was awesome what Dartmouth did with making their lectures available to the public and I'm glad to see others advancing that spirit. I'll be sure to check these out. Thanks a lot! -Patrick
  9. So my scanner is acting all shitty and throwing the page order of chapters I scan into total disarray. This makes sitting down and reading the pdf an incredible pain. I thought my adobe reader program would be able to easily reorder these pages, but in an evil streak of capitalism, the good folks at adobe decided they wanted me to pay 50 bucks to upgrade to software that would let me do something as simple as CHANGE THE ORDER of a bunch of images... Google searches of various free options didn't yield much, but I'm sure someone here has a solution for me (I'd rather not torrent it). Help? Thanks!
  10. 2AR: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?qklqdzkh5jo Good debate. But come on, T? Go for the K! it's way more fun for everyone. Do you want me to contact our honorable judge?
  11. Sounds cool, take your time, my laptop is getting repaired right now anyways.
  12. Oh decisions, decisions. I wanted straight turn that prolif stuff extremely badly, but... unfortunately, the words just weren't there for it. Eh, have fun. The count is 1599. 1AR: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?mgl4zn0mmkz
  13. Yeah, I don't really think I have any questions. Hit me with that 1NR when you're ready.
  14. Plan and the alt. Plan is enacted and cap is rejected in other instances. Fiat would indicate both actions would take place simultaneously. If for some reason the order in which they are fiated is relevant, I suppose it would go plan then alt. Hope that clears it up.
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