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  1. 1. toilets to Africa don't solve for jack, all they do is drain fiscal improvisions from the government. 2. birth control pills are harldly likely to work, African women don't believe in them and they go against many cultural ideals. no solvency because the time frame is close to a good 100 years, and no one knows the global ramifications of the spread of AIDS anyway. instead of eventually stopping the spread of AIDS, you are essentially encouraging the idea of sexual intercourse, spreading AIDS and increasing the population overall (birth control pills do not work 4% of the time). you are also going to run into lots of spending and cultual DA's as well as Kritiks dealing with infrigement upon african culture. ahh....good to be back. 3. by simply enacting child labor laws (which would be easily passed), we can prevent child slaves in africa, since there is already a large movement against child soldiers/workers/slaves. enforcement could remain an issue, but i think it's certainly a feasible arguement.
  2. ah, but that's where that idea takes a wrong turn, you see, the Capitalist never survives, because in the end, even if he has good intentions, he will end up hurting the workers by taking more than his share of the profits. What is wrong with a variety of cultures? Since America takes pride in our so called 'variety', the last thing politicians would want to do is to accidently destroy an age old culture and take the blame for it.
  3. Imported Mango


    I tried to find the owner of a pen...hey, it was one of those NICE pens! I have a very guilty conscience.
  4. so the solution is to destroy culture.... not sure that's going to go over well
  5. what better source is there than the Bible in this case? You can't really refute it.
  6. I'm pretty much living the life...lol going with the flow ~~~ but I see the point, u gotta enjoy the dirty jokes and shake off defeat to enjoy it
  7. guess that makes us human...none of us really understand anything in the end. that would be really hilarious....but torn to shreds
  8. State Finals at Crowne Plaza in GR, hands down one of the most laid back, fun tournaments ever.
  9. amen the guys are also nice... we've got a really attractive team and what debater doesn't thrive in that crazy world?
  10. I'm not sure he meant it like that... Couldn't God just cure AIDS if he wanted to?
  11. D1- Groves D2- Northview (gotta root for us) EGR D3- ?
  12. capitalism is usually more successful in practice than communism, as communism usually ends in a militant uprising. However, there is nothing actually wrong with communism in theory, the idea of complete equality is one that draws many people, that capitalism does not allow because it allows for failure. However, this thread allows a complete over simplification of both of these terms. If you are looking for an Adam Smith vs. Karl Marx debate you are going to have to initiate some thought. Many communists including Marx thought that capitalism, despite heavy favor, would inevitably fail because the capitalist would bypass the workers anyway and take a share of the profits for which he did not work for. Communism does not allow for that, but it also doesn't allow for success or many freedoms.
  13. way to be depressing guys... don't think I'm ignoring good advice, because I'm not, but we are escaping the point of this thread. what are some good impact scenarios besides usuals?
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