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  1. when do quarters pairings come out?
  2. i didn't vote for you, but I'll go back in time 3 weeks and cast my extraspecial vote for you if you pay me $25 (now, not in the past) p.s. Are you trying to get a laptop bag included with that supercool deal i told you about?
  3. i felt awkward today when someone in my communications class saw the WAKE DEBATE sticker on my notebook and said, "I didn't know debate had gone to sleep..." civilians are weird.
  4. NIIIIIICCE so wait a sec...paul w.s. anderson is doing deathrace? i feel like someone should stop him or at least get him to see the stallone version...
  5. ya...its called There Will Be Blood. You should see it.
  6. ........... John Im so confused i have no idea whats going on. ........... Why? Why did this happen and how? Who actually took the time to stand behind the camera for this? No...No...Who could stand up (without laughing) long enough to make this piece of art possible? ..........."IT SHOULD BE IN A MUSEUM!" My God, man. I just watched it again and began shaking uncontrollably... "no words."
  7. SIERRA J--OHN hey guy send me an email aboot those there music songs you were all, "eh?" aboot. Okay budday.
  8. regarding the turkish abomination of star trek... my first question: Is "Kurk's" summer yellow uniform standard starfleet issue or did he just wear it on those "extra-deep" space missions? my second question: How did the turks get the same actress who played Shy on Dolemite to play Uhura? My third question: Transporting and Cigarette Burns on Film...and intrinsic link?
  9. "The plan also puts Motel 6 on track to become the first economy chain to feature 32-inch flat-screen TVs, Poirot says. Guests will be able to plug in their laptops or MP3 players, and they'll have Wi-Fi access at every hotel." ...believe it when i see it baby, believe it when i see it.
  10. no. but ill give you something better....the album will be done by April 1st. So ill make you a few copies and you can hook up the european distribution of Shades of Gary Busey's new album. deal?
  11. that does indeed suck john. someone please explain this to me..... Today is the Day
  12. all of you suck at grammar and that's that. so whats the deal with saturday party people... we chillin' with Azlon or not?
  13. Colon? Really John? Ass-references so early in the game? Even after I make the connection between Karen-O and yourself? I'll tell you something buddy, I would LOVE to have a link with Karen-O...I would KILL for that shit. Would that be the pie place down around your crib or the NY pizza place aways down from Kyushu?
  14. i suggest you steal it or sell your body to Andy. Come on Sam. It's bowling and lions! You can take a punch for that right? I know you'll do the right thing ANDY you totally owe me one dude. im bringing a crowbar and you better let me get a few in.
  15. its not about volume. its about elegant brevity, its about passion, its about finesse. The man knows a thing or two about coaxing women to do what he wants. not my version. just a fellow perverted morrison enthusiast i guess... we take care of our own. JOHN-O. hey man when are we doing party things like the party people do? You know...like party and stuff. Movies? Bowling? Cloverfield? I need the big lion john, i need it now.
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